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Welcome to Matrix Therapy Products School

Help Injuries. Improve Performance. Relieve Soreness.

Help your horse feel its best – Learn how from Matrix Therapy Products School.

Matrix Therapy School for Equine Training

Take courses and receive certification on how to use a variety of therapy tools for safe and effective ways to treat horses for maintenance, soreness relief, and recovery. The Matrix Therapy Products School is an economical training option that provides a solid basis for personal therapy skills or for starting (or improving) a therapy business. Matrix offers two types of certification courses, as well as private and group clinics that are customizable to suit your interests, needs, and knowledge level.

The Matrix Therapy Product School’s focus is on microcurrent therapy and the advanced biofeedback Best-Vet device; however it also reflects the importance of incorporating complementary therapy tools. The courses are great for professional practitioners or individuals who simply want to maintain their own horses.


About Matrix

Matrix Therapy Products has offered products and training for specialty therapies since 1993, initially as part of Matrix International Corp. Then in 2004 Matrix Therapy Products Corp. was established. Deborah Powell, the President of Matrix and teaches most of the courses, has been helping horses with therapy tools and continually expanding her knowledge since the 1990s. Matrix focuses on therapy tools for horses, however there have been more and more people also treating their dogs with our products. Additionally, Matrix supplies therapy products for people use and to medical professionals.

All products sold by Matrix and covered in the courses are safe, effective, and very beneficial in the relief and enhanced healing of a multitude of conditions. Due to recent interest, Matrix has formalized our established clinics and training into a therapy school with various certifications.Matrix Therapy School for Equine Training - Precision MicroStim

Certification Courses

Matrix Therapy Products School offers a general Equine Microcurrent Certification (EMC), which covers how to safely and effectively use microcurrent and iontophoresis* therapy tools. Additionally, you can complete a course to become a certified Best-Vet Instructor (BVI). This certifies that you have the ability to treat horses with the Best-Vet as well as train others how to use it. For each certification it takes just three days of Q & A discussion and hands-on practice to complete the course work. To receive certification, there are several the additional requirements of passing a written test and completing case studies.

View current courses available.

Equine Microcurrent Certification (EMC): The Matrix Therapy Products School has an Equine Microcurrent Certification course, which covers learning how to use the microcurrent therapy tools. To receive the Equine Microcurrent Certification (EMC), you are required to complete a 2-day Microcurrent course and have read the book MicroCurrent for Horses.

The first day of the EMC course is fully dedicated to learning about microcurrent. Day two is a combination of microcurrent and complementary therapies that work well with microcurrent. Matrix Therapy Products School also offers customizable clinics, which can be adapted to your requests and interests. Contact Matrix for more information to set up a private or group training session.

Best-Vet Instructors (BVI): In addition to Equine Microcurrent Certification, the Matrix Therapy Products School offers Best-Vet Instructor Certification (BVI). This certification course provides a certificate of achievement that verifies you are qualified to not only safely and effectively use the Best-Vet, but you can also teach others how to use it. To receive the Best-Vet Certification, you must complete a training session (minimum 1-day clinic), pass a written certification test, and submit five case studies. For more information, view our Best-Vet Instructors page.

Complementary Training

This includes all of the customizable Standard Clinics offered by Matrix, which cover a range of therapies such as light, infrasound, infrared, thermal imaging cameras, and more. No certifications are necessary for these additional therapies, but they are great complements to your microcurrent and iontophoresis* knowledge. Private and group sessions are available and these courses can be customized to meet student’s interests. Depending on the clinics selected, the classes may or may not qualify towards receiving a certification. Note: If you want to add training in any of the complementary therapies to your certification course it may require additional days and charges, contact Matrix directly for more information.


About Deborah Powell

Deborah Powell and her horse
Deborah Powell and her horse, Prince, in 2012.
Deborah Powell is the author of MicroCurrent for Horses & Other Vital Therapies and MicroCurrent for Dogs, and the president of Matrix Therapy Products. Deborah has been in the electronics industry with her husband since 1974 and has owned, cared for, and ridden her own horses for decades.

In the early 90s, her discovery of microcurrent led to a melding of her knowledge of electronics and her passion to fix broken horses. After seeing the effectiveness of microcurrent, Deborah wanted to share this knowledge with others, which led to her stocking, selling, and training others how to use microcurrent and other complimentary tools.

In 2008, Deborah authored MicroCurrent for Horses, and released an updated version in 2012. Her aging horses are still feeling fit and happy, and love their regular microcurrent sessions.

Microcurrent Influences

Courses Taken:

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)
    Dr. Carolyn R. McMakin, M.A., D.C.
  • East-West Seminars & Microcurrent Courses
    Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Dipl.Ac.
  • Avazzia, Inc. Training
    Dr. John Hache, D.N.M; Tim Smith & Stan Wolf, DVM
  • Myfascial Release & Cranial Sacral Courses
    Ruth Mitchel-Golladay, PT, MT, MCTMB
  • Electro-Acuscope & Electro-Myopulse Equine Training Course
    Karen Rictor & Lenora Moore
  • Myofascial Release & Cranial Sacral Training
    Bambi Dore

Mentors: Doug Casey, LMT; Dr. Thomas Wing, DC, ND, LAc; and Bambi Dore

Additional Influences: Jum Suzuki (Bio-Therapeutics) and Joel Rossen, DVM

By using this site and purchasing from this or affiliate sites you agree to the following: I understand that Matrix Therapy Products Corp./ has sold me, or my company, these products solely for the therapeutic benefit of my animals and does not condone, encourage, or solicit the breaking of any law. I understand that administration of any product, no matter how well-known or frequently used, carries the possibility of adverse reactive effects. Individual results of any kind cannot be guaranteed. I hold Matrix Therapy Products Corp./, their agents and employees, blameless for my decision to use these therapeutic products. I have read, understand, and am in complete agreement with the assertions made in this disclaimer. I understand that the products on this page and the information shared does not replace veterinarian care, and that it is recommended to always work with a veterinarian

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