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Informational Presentations by Matrix

Deborah Powell treating her horse with microcurrent therapy
Deborah Powell, treating her horse Prince.
Want to learn more about how you can use therapies to help your horse? Now is your chance to gain free information on a wide range of microcurrent devices and other types of therapy tools.

The presentations are a casual way to gather your barn buddies together to learn about the full line of therapy equipment offered by Matrix Therapy Products. Along with learning about how these therapies work, it is a chance to have all your questions answered.

Have an ongoing problem you can resolve? Want to improve your horse's performance? Curious what you can do to help your horse before calling the vet? Have all your questions and more answered!

Presentations are free of charge if you're located in the Pacific Northwest. At the event products will be available for purchase, as well as free informational handouts.

Presentation Details
The presentation will take your group through the entire equine product line, with questions answered as we go. Along with explaining the basic information about each product, we will cover how to use the device as well as common applications. Throughout, you will learn about the benefits of different therapies and specific devices, including conditions that can be resolved.

During this discussion, we will provide a background for why microcurrent is considered a foundation therapy, and why microcurrent and the complementary therapies work so well to help improve our horses' overall wellbeing.

If there is a specific product that you would like to learn about, please request it ahead of time to ensure the product is brought (if available) and discussed. Therapies covered include:

Note: The presentation does not replace a full clinic, it simply gives an overview of the therapy tools and options. It does not include any hands-on training. If training is desired, a clinic or private training session can be scheduled.

Presentations are free for barns and groups in the Pacific Northwest. If you'd like to host a presentation, contact Matrix directly ( or 503-632-7187) to set up a date, time, and location*. If you do not have a facility ideal for presentations, Matrix is also able to host the presentation.

Not from Oregon or Washington? Free presentations can be arranged in conjunction with a clinic. Learn more about Matrix Clinics or contact Matrix directly.

Contact Matrix about the minimum number of attendees. Additionally, need a suitable location for a group to gather, as well as at the minimum one table for the presentor. Note: During the winter, additional requirements may occur depending on temperatures and weather.

Ideas & Suggestions
In the past, it has worked great for the barn hosting the presentation to bring lunch for the participants. Additionally, tables and chairs make it enjoyable and easy to focus on learning.

If you do not have a big enough group, here are some ideas to generate interest:

*Disclaimer: Availability is not guaranteed. Matrix Therapy Products Corp. reserves the right to turn down any request at their discretion.

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