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Article Published in NJ Horse News (August 2012)

Got 15 Minutes? That's All You Need!

by Matrix Therapy Products

Using Best-Vet Device & Matrix Mini Roller
Matrix Microcurrent Patches
Treatment Example: Mini Roller (top) and MCT Patch (bottom)
Quick and Effective Therapy Sessions

Summer is in full swing, which means it is prime riding time and schedules are packed. Luckily, after a ride all you need is 15 minutes to perform these easy and effective therapy sessions. Even when you’re busy, you can keep your horse sound, feeling great, and ready for the next weekend adventure.

Why Microcurrent?
Microcurrent therapy is the use of low-level electrical stimulation, which is able to jumpstart the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Adding microcurrent to your horse’s maintenance program is an easy way to help boost your horse’s immune system, prevent injuries, relieve soreness, and improve your horse’s general wellbeing. If an injury has already occurred, microcurrent can also help speed up the recovery process. The best results come from regular therapy sessions, so try one or all of these options several times a week.


Treatment Options
Best-Vet & Comb: The Best-Vet is an advanced microcurrent device that can detect problem areas, and then will adjust the treatment to match the body’s needs. The horse’s hair needs to be wet, so you can dampen an area or treat your horse after a bath. To begin, simply attach the accessory comb electrode to the device and start combing your horse. This will simultaneously provide microcurrent treatment and feedback about the tissue quality. Using the electrode, comb anywhere you think your horse is sore or areas that are regularly under strain.

All-Body Treatment: This is a hands-free option, so once the treatment begins you can sit back and relax or finish up some chores. The All-Body Treatment involves attaching special pads and wraps to key locations on your horse, and it is ideal for relieving general soreness. The setup nicely connects the body with the legs, which carries the beneficial microcurrent throughout your horse’s body. You can use any microcurrent unit for this therapeutic session, including the Best-Vet.

MCT Patch: These are small, self-powered microcurrent patches that can be left on 24/7 for unattended, supportive treatments. They are ideal for applying on your horse’s legs, especially under stable wraps. Before or after a competition, the microcurrent patches can provide additional support while your horse is in its stall or pasture.

There are many advanced and affordable therapy tools available on the market, so it is no longer necessary to rely on therapies such as pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) and icing. In addition to microcurrent, there are light devices, Qi Gong infrasound massagers, infrared blankets, and more. With this variety of safer and more effective options, it is easy to find one that suits your needs.

By selecting an appropriate therapy tool and putting in a little bit of time after each ride, it is possible to maintain sound horses even through the rigors of competition.


Want to learn how? Check out MicroCurrent for Horses, an in-depth therapy manual that covers a wide range of therapy tools and protocols. To learn more about microcurrent, view Matrix's Articles or contact Matrix Therapy Products directly at or (503) 632-7187 (PST).

As published in NJ Horse News - August 2012, p. 30

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