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"Electric Facelift" = Microcurrent Facial

By Matrix Therapy Products

Microcurrent FacialPrep-free facial with the eZZi-Lift, plus gel booster and facial rejuvenation training.
Microcurrent Facial accessories

Celebrities are always trying the latest and greatest for beauty and health care, and recently Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards was seen donning a mask for an “electric facelift.”

While the picture she shared may look bizarre, the treatment is safe and effective - and to some extent can be replicated at home.

Spas, like Carina's Facial Studio, start with a topical for cleansing, opening pores, and rejuvenating the skin. This step is for getting rid of old skin, deep cleaning, and for fresh, tightened skin. The next step is micro-abrasion for exfoliation of the outermost layer of the dead skin cells. The last step is a microcurrent mask, which is the “electric” side of the facial. The method of microcurrent application varies, but the benefits are consistent. Microcurrent as part of a facial is used to diminish wrinkles, tone skin, and improve collagen production.

This entire process is catered to each client, based on your skin type and any issues that need to be addressed. Microcurrent therapy treatments are cumulative, so for the best benefits you should have several sessions. But at over $100 per treatment, spa trips can really add up.

Want these great results and red-carpet worthy skin without the high costs? Over-the-counter microcurrent devices are available that can do just that. The microcurrent eZZi-Lift devices can be used to perform at-home microcurrent facials, which allows you to treat regularly and at a fixed cost. Additionally, there are microcurrent gel boosters that provide nutrients and added benefits to your treatment. Start with a topical of your choice for cleansing, then begin your microcurrent treatment. Finish by applying your favorite daytime or before-bed moisturizer. You can further create the spa experience by occasionally using an exfoliating scrub.

If you have a busy schedule, simply treat your face a few minutes a day with the battery-powered, handheld device. You can save the spa-like sessions for special occasions, sticking to simply using the device by itself for prep-free, quick treatments. This can be during your morning coffee, while reading the paper, or as a before-bed routine.

While receiving your microcurrent facial from a professional esthetician or practitioner is an ideal and luxurious option, sometimes this will not fit into your budget and time schedule. The Matrix At-Home Facial Program can be used as a stand-alone session for at-home tissue improvement, or it can be used as a complementary treatment between visits to the spa.

Learn more about microcurrent.

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