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Photon Light Therapy Products

Why I added Equilux Product Line
by Deborah Powell

It took me a few years to appreciate photon light products. I could not see the value in photon light products costing thousands of dollars. Frankly, I'm simply not of the mind to buy early on expensive equipment. But therapists with deep pockets were buying these units and liking them. They were using the Bio Scan, the Respond Laser, Thor Laser, Life Force, PainX, and Equilites.

Thoughts on other Light Devices: I used the Respond and the Bio Scan, which allow you to select frequencies for some variance in treatment. The frequencies are similar to those used by microcurrent instruments and tend to be in the lower ranges. The Bio Scan also incorporates a separate unit to find points. This again is similar to a microcurrent unit that has diagnostics in the form of GSR (Galvanic Skin Resistance) readings. When demonstrated to me, the person held a wet sponge at the horses withers, in the other hand used a special comb probe to comb through the horses hair to find "acupoints" or more conductive points.

The problem with doing it this way is that by holding the wet sponge you are reading through the horse and also the person holding the sponge. This might explain why some of therapists have difficulty finding points. I would certainly skip buying this part of the Bio Scan and just buy a simple acupoint finder. As for the lights, I had very little noticeable affect when treating horses. Maybe because all of my test horses were accustomed to microcurrent and I didn't have something problematic to work on.

I would have liked to have tested these photon light units on some wounds. After 6 months, the consigned Respond Laser sold and the couple weeks I had with the Bio Scan were not enough to convince me. I even had a short experience with the Equilite on my back and found it warm and soothing but pain relief was short term, certainly not enough time spent to say one way or another. The Equillite is limited to one low frequency. I like the the feature that the BioScan and Equilites have with their multiple light pads to cover several areas at once and the special pads for hoofs this is a real advantage. Again this resembles the way we approach microcurrent treatments.

Equilux Light Device:
Equilux infrared massage, held in hand
The Equilux Infrared Massager
When the Equilux arrived it had the basic components I could relate to:
  1. Heat and Massaging
  2. Lights that could be used separately or with the massaging. The heat comes from the lights
  3. It comes with it's own rechargeable base
  4. Very affordable Price

My feeling was: just the massager feature was cool, so if the lights worked that was great too. There is this little nubby point in the center that intrigued me. It was an infrared led light surrounded by pulsing red led lights. So, I bought a few and sent them out and asked for reports back. Boy, was I in for a surprise.
Here's the feedback I received:

  1. The nubby was perfect for setting on acupoints, trigger points, TMJ, girth areas, hocks, sore heals. whatever.
  2. Horses and people sometimes got " instant relief " I was in this category.
  3. You can watch wounds change before your eyes in as little as 5 minutes.
  4. Works nicely in conjunction with other treatments. ie. start your microcurrent treatments with a multiple sites being treated and then go over specific points with the Equilux.

I've wondered why when comparing to such expensive units as mentioned, the Equilux works so well (according to customers that have purchased them). One gal told me she uses two at a time when treating her horses and called it her mini Bio Scan, only better.
My theory is: the pulsing action, like microcurrent units, creates a more stimulating environment. Add the massaging and it's doubly stimulating and can soften tissue faster.
I now keep one in the house for me. I love doing the hand treatment, and treating those little crows feet on my face. Its very soothing and really does work on those wrinkles. The barn unit is perfect to share with my horse and still use on my sore back and neck. The Equilux will last an hour or so on one charge. I found the time to be ample per treatment whether on my horse or myself. I take my fully charged unit with me for those extra long trail rides. As soon as get back to the truck I treat my horses girth area and his saddle area and a warm and soothing quickie for my lower back and neck. Very Cool Tool !
Whatever the reason, it is well documented as to the effects of these led lights on wounds and the release of nitrite oxide in the blood for enhanced healing. If you've been wanting a photon light product, for a fraction of what most cost, the Equilux is well worth considering.

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