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Best-Vet Microcurrent Therapy Device

Learn More from Matrix's Spotlight Instructors

Christie Hebert and Sandee Foster are both avid barrel-racers and Certified Best-Vet Instructors. The Best-Vet is a high-tech, but extremely easy-to-use microcurrent therapy device. Christie is located in Pavillion, WY and is a Best-Vet instructor for the area, as well as the local representative to purchase Best-Vet devices. Sandee Foster is located in the Bend and Portland areas, and she is a Best-Vet Instructor as well as a therapist who will work on your horse - even at select events!

Christie and Sandee invite all Barrel Horse World readers to contact them about this exciting therapy tool. The Best-Vet microcurrent device is an advanced biofeedback unit that can be used to simultaneously locate and treat problem areas. Speed up recovery from injuries, use for maintenance, or simply treat with the Best-Vet to make your horse feel and perform its best! Additional Certified Best-Vet instructors are Kathy Willgohs, who is located in Florida, Leslie Maynard, from Benson, Arizona, and Kellie Stobie who is located in Puerto Rico. See below for more about Matrix's Certified Best-Vet Instructors.

Above: Christie at a NSPRA
rodeo and Sandee barrel racing.
Below: Treating a leg injury with
the Best-Vet & comb electrode.
And Leslie Maynard running barrels.

At the bottom is Kellie Stobie
treating a horse with the Best-Vet.

Kellie Stobie - Best-Vet Instructor - treating thoroughbred racehorse with the Best-Vet

Contact Info:
Christie Hebert (Instructor & Dealer)
Phone: (307) 857-3960
Location: Pavillion, WY

Sandee Foster (Instructor & Therapist)
Phone: (503) 318-3710
Location: Bend and Portland area.

Sandee Foster is available on-site at some events. Can Travel to You - contact for details. Click here for more about Sandee's services.

Kathy Willgohs (Instructor & Therapists)
Home: (904) 879-4282
Cell: (904)614-9297
Location: Northeast Florida

Leslie Maynard (Instructor & Therapist)
Phone: 520-212-7677 (msg)
Location: Benson, AZ

Kellie Stobie (Instructor & Therapist)
Phone: (787) 426-0845
Location: Puerto Rico

Looking for an instructor near you? If you're not from any of these instructors' areas, check out the full list of Matrix's Certified Best-Vet Instructors.


About Christie: Christie 30 years experience with horses and is a certified equine massage therapist, a certified personal trainer (human), and she has always been fascinated by alternative therapies. She is now also a Certified Best-Vet Instructor and has been using the Best-Vet for 3 out of her 5 years of doing microcurrent therapy. At the age of 15 she started barrel racing, and is currently a member of all the following: WPRA, NBHA, AQHA, NSPRA, and NWBRA. Christie has also ridden and worked for dressage and jumper trainers. Her primary location is in Wyoming, however she winters in Arizona, and travels throughout Montana, Utah, Colorado, and the New England states.

About Sandee: Sandee has been barrel racing almost her entire life, and she is currently a member of WPRA, NPRA, OBRA, and BRN4D. Twenty-five years ago she started breaking and training colts, problem horses, and barrel racing horses. Along with her training services, Sandee offers therapy sessions that include the Best-Vet and a variety of therapy tools.

Sandee purchased her first microcurrent unit (a Precision MicroStim) in 2002 and has been treating with microcurrent therapy ever since. She was originally introduced to microcurrent therapy after being diagnosed with degenerative eye disease. After microcurrent therapy treatments successfully helped her eyes improve, she started getting involved with helping horses and is now a Certified Best-Vet Instructor.

In addition to therapy sessions for general maintenance, Sandee treats injured horses. Sandee has helped several injured horses make full recoveries and get back into competitive barrel racing or enable them to have other successful careers. During her equine therapy, she combines microcurrent treatments with improved diet and help from vets and farriers.

About Kathy: Kathy has over 25 years of experience with horses, including riding SEDRDA and NATRAC competitive trail for several years. Kathy is a Licensed Massage Therapist (for people) with a practice in Jacksonville Florida, and offers microcurrent therapy in her practice. Additionally, she studied equine massage under Jim Masterson.

A few years ago, Kathy started assisting an equine therapist and she would massage the horse while the other therapist worked on the horse with microcurrent. After the therapist she was working with decided to move out of the area, Kathy began looking into what units were available for animals. She has several microcurrent devices and has taken training, and is now a Certified Best-Vet Instructor. Along with being an instructor, Kathy treats horses for general maintenance and for injury recovery.

About Leslie: Leslie has over 50 years experience in various equine disciplines, focused in Barrel Racing for the past 35 years, and she has 2 WPRA Futurity World Championships (2008 & 2011), and numerous Regional titles. Leslie is a WPRA Gold Card member, and a member of PAFRA, NBHA and AQHA. She has also studied TEAM and SATS, and is a Certified Independent Equine Nutritional Consultant. In 2004, Leslie retired from training barrel horses for the public, and relocated to Arizona to focus on her own horses. She now travels to many barrel races and rodeos throughout the West.

Leslie was always intrigued by alternative therapies, and has several certifications in various modalities including, Electromagnetic Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and was Licensed Massage Therapist (OR-humans). In 1991, she was introduced to microcurrent, and purchased her first clinical unit in 1999. Veterinary services are not readily available in Leslie's remote area, consequently she depends on microcurrent for everything between Snake Bites and Colic. With the help of her Farrier-husband Ross, and veterinary advice, they have had success rehabilitating several injured horses to return to competition, using microcurrent, massage, a tightly balanced diet, natural hoof care and Iontophoresis.

Leslie became a Certified Best-Vet Instructor because she said she, "wanted to share the benefits of this great little therapy unit with every horse owner!" She offers Best Vet demonstrations and therapy sessions at events and by appointment. 

About Kellie: Kellie is a barrel racer and an equine therapist who works on thoroughbred race horses at a track in Puerto Rico as well as treating other performance horses in her area. Kellie Stobie has been around and riding horses her whole life, originating from England where her family trained and boarded polo ponies, hunter jumpers, and dressage horses. Later she moved to Canada where they opened a hunter jumper and polo barn. From there moved on to teach at a local riding school in St Maarten and opened a Pony Club for children. Kellie is now residing in Puerto Rico and she works at the local thoroughbred racetrack - Hipodromo Camarero. Kellie uses the Best-Vet, Light, Infrasonic sound and rolfing therapies with at least 50 horses. Also working with FEI hunter jumper and dressage horses, Paso Fino and barrel racing horses. Kellie and her daughter are members of the NBHA and are 2012 Youth and Open Champions.

About Microcurrent & the Best-Vet: The Best-Vet is a FDA-registered microcurrent therapy device. The handheld device implements Avazzia, Inc.’s BEST technology, which stands for Biofeedback Electro Stimulation Technology. Biofeedback can be defined as the body’s (“bio”) response (“feedback”) to electrical stimulation, and the device’s ability to recognize and communicate with the body. This interactivity makes the Best-Vet a unique microcurrent therapy device. Learn more about the Best-Vet, the Avazzia science, and see Best-Vet Treatment Photos.

Microcurrent (often called MENS) is extremely small pulsating currents of electricity. Microcurrent units produce electrical current just above the levels of the electrical exchanges that occur at a cellular level in the human body. This is why microcurrent is readily accepted by the body’s cells when applied to the body using conductive electrodes.

The theory behind microcurrent therapy is that by introducing a surface application of microamperes to the body to it can restore lost positive and negative electrons. These electrons are the very essence of every living cell. The body is able to utilize this outside source of minute electrical currents to accelerate its own healing mechanisms.

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