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Stifle Ice Wrap

Product Review - November 2011

Stifle injuries are very challenging to treat, either with microcurrent, iontophoresis, or simply icing. After perusing the web in search of a good way to treat a stifle injury, I found an intriguing ice wrap.

Stifle Wrap Specifications

  • Each Suspender Strap: 30"
  • Ice Pouch: 11x10.5" (WxH)
  • Full Length (to go around stifle): 37"
  • Vertical Height: 11" (section that goes around stifle)
With two 30-inch "suspender" straps made from sturdy material and with highly adjustable velcro, this stifle wrap could easily feet many sizes of horses. Smaller horses and ponies might be slightly more difficult, because it could be a challenge to keep the fit tight enough to hold the wrap securely in place.

The two stifle wraps must both be worn at once to keep the tension, which keeps the wraps secure.

On the first attempt it was a bit tricky to get the stifle wrap tight enough to keep it in the correct place. I would recommend having an assistant available to help apply the wrap because it was a bit easier with two people to hold it steady. With the back strap, or "suspender straps," attached prior to wrapping the section around the horse's leg it was a bit easier to keep in place. Then the suspenders can be tightened as necessary.

Ideally, I was hoping this ice wrap could be used to also hold pads in place while phoresing the stifle. However I am not sure it will be able to keep the drug delivery pads secure enough. If the pads slip or move around, the seal will be broken and no treatment will occur. Due to the slight difficulty securing the stifle wrap I do not think the phoresing pads would stay in place.

Stifle Ice Wrap treating a horse's stifle injury
Stifle Ice Wrap & Ice Pack: The wrap comes without ice packs, but can be filled with any ice pack around the size that will fit into the 11x10.5 inch ice pouches.
First Ice Reusable Ice Pack
Stifle Ice Wrap treating a horse's stifle injury

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