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About the StimPlus

Acupoint Finder & Microcurrent Device

The StimPlus is two devices in one - it is an acupoint finder and a microcurrent device. What makes it unique is that it is the only valued-price brand of acupoint finder that also uses microamperage for the stimulation. Most use milliamperes to block pain, but using microamperage boosts ATP and corrects cellular balance.

The StimPlus is a handy tool for people looking to be more precise when finding acupunture points. Also, people who are just learning about these conductive zones will appreciate how easy it is when using the StimPlus. Although it is designed for being used on people, we’ve learned that most horses are quite comfortable being treated with the StimPlus. The caution here is that needle-phobic horses might need special introduction because of the StimPlus’ small point applicator.


The StimPlus is an excellent simple to use for treating specific points, whether they be acupunture, trigger points, tight and sore spots. For those of us that have multiple types of micorcurrent devices on hand this is a nice one to have as part of your collection.

Relieving Sticky Hocks: One equine application of the StimPlus is on horses with sticky joints. One customer, who had a limited budget, found the StimPlus a lifesaver for her older horse. The horse had terrible arthritis in his hocks, which had stopped responding to joint injections. The customer couldn’t afford expensive monthly supplements that only seemed to help a little, so she decided to try the StimPlus. After the very first session her horse walked off with fluid movement.

It became part of the tacking up session to treat his hocks - each session only taking about three minutes. Since she also went camping with her horse, the small and nearly weightless StimPlus treatments became an ideal tool to have with her with on trips.

Relieving Stiff Neck: Horses with arthritis in their necks is a common issue and a therapist shared she finds the StimPlus quite useful on horses with very stiff necks.

StimPlus horse therapy








Various types of Treatments with the StimPlus. It can be used connected to a pad electrode on the horse's body. Or with a wet sponge to act as a return.

StimPlus microcurrent treatment StimPlus equine microcurrent therapy
StimPlus microcurrent treatment StimPlus equine microcurrent treatment

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