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Matrix Tuning Forks - for Body Workers

By Deborah Powell

Tuning forks have been around quite a few years now as bodywork tools. However, the more common functions of tuning forks with their naturally created exact frequencies is for instrument calibration (tuning pianos and guitars) teaching physics, and voice training. Tuning forks can be found in the doctors office for such uses as a simple quick test for fractures called facilitation of bone conduction test. If it hurts like heck when the felt the vibration of a tuning fork at the injured area you should be check further for a fracture.

The three Tuning Fork sizes
Tuning Forks come in three sizes
I am not sure when tuning forks became therapy tools for sound therapy and bodywork therapy. For therapy the tuning forks are sometimes packaged in sets covering a variety of frequencies label with fancy and esoteric names. Names like ohm, angle forks, DNA fork, solar harmonics, crystal resonators and charka sets. Along with the esoteric names come specific frequencies. Body workers can use tuning forks to create vibration, this energy is said to have a healing affect by relaxing muscles and soothing irritated nerves.
Mentally the sound alone is mind altering. Striking a fork a holding up to your ears creates a delightful sensation. With repeated exposure you can
you get an instant relaxing treatment from head to toe from a few strikes of your favorite frequency.

There was gal here in the NW that held some clinics using the tuning forks on horses running them along the Chinese meridians. Taking our cue from this experience we found a host of ways to use them. Like going directly to the withers and croup and opening the spinal column. Or applying them at areas that are tight, bound, locked, or sore.

It wasn’t a stretch to imagine tuning forks as being useful preparation to a body massage. Massage therapists can relate to the need of protecting their own bodies from the stress and strain from repetitive use with their hands, arms, and back from giving massages. Tuning forks seemed like a lovely way to begin treatment. However, the only available forks had small diameter handles that are quite short making them tiring and impossible to use if you had large hands and even small hands could start cramping during typical horse treatment.

Tuning Forks on horse's hips
Treating horse's hips with tuning forks
Additionally, once these regular forks were placed on a horse the vibration stopped fairly quickly requiring a lot of time re-striking.

The Matrix Tuning Forks solved the two problems with a custom made handle that allowed for comfort while holding and the huge bonus of a longer resonating period with each strike. The first generation were wood handles and the latest model are out of high tech polymer material.

The Matrix Tuning Forks come in C64 Hz. This Lower frequency that penetrates deeper to address difficult problems ( i.e.: locked joints). For horses we have evolved to using 2 forks simotaneouly holding a fork in each hand to cover more territory. To initiate strike the forks together and immediately place on the horse. Re-strike when vibration stops. Optional striker pad can be used for those that wish to protect their forks from tiny dents.

This treatment is a wonderful way to finish bodywork. It can also be used prior to bodywork when muscles are particularly tight. A set of Tuning Forks makes a great gift for a Bodyworker or Massage Therapist.

Please note: Sorry, we cannot mount handles to your forks. Tolerances vary too greatly from various brands and production runs.

1. Strike and hold fork end near an area creating a standing wave pattern.
2. Strike and hold handles with the handle ends touching the body.
3. Strike and hold handles with your fists touching the body (vibrations go through your hands into the body tissue).

Striking surface: Hard rubber striker works best and is recommend.
You can strike the tuning fork on most hard surfaces (except things like glass). However, using hard surfaces like wood can create small dents in the forks.

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