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Why Matrix Added the FLIR Product Line

Thermographic cameras have reached an affordable price, making them a practical tool for horse training operations and therapists to have available to monitor physical changes with a quick picture.

What Is A Thermal Imaging Camera?
FLIR’s Thermographic Cameras are non-contact cameras that detect infrared energy (heat). This is converted to an electronic signal and processed by the camera to produce a thermal image. The heat sensed can be precisely measured, which allows specific evaluation of the severity of heat-related problems.FLIR i7 Thermographic Camera

Thermographic cameras enable you to see a visual picture of your horse’s body temperatures so large areas can be analyzed. This image will help recognize damage to tendons, ligaments, and sore muscles. It is also useful for determining saddle fit and locating where a horse might be sore or getting pinched by a saddle.

The cameras scan heat patterns, which enable you to compare locations. For example, you can examine all four legs by taking pictures of each. If one leg is drastically different in temperature then it indicates that area is a location of strain, injury, or weakness. Thermographic pictures can be used to find the cause of a lameness or to locate areas under stress prior to an injury surfacing.

Taking regular thermographic images enables you to monitor ongoing changes. This allows you to keep an eye on a previous injury, to watch the healing of a current injury, or to use the pictures as a preventative measure to detect problems before damage occurs.


  • Monitoring Injuries
  • Diagnostics (locate areas with heat)
  • Detecting Inflammation
  • Saddle Fit
  • Pre-Purchase Exams
  • Locate Suspected Injuries
  • Injury Prevention (detect stress before damage occurs)

Thermal imaging cameras nicely complement the therapy tools available from Matrix Therapy Products. For example, scanning a horse with a thermal imaging camera prior to a microcurrent therapy session can provide insight on where to focus the microcurrent treatment. Also, regular scans can help show improvements from the therapy sessions.

To see each camera's specifications, go to the FLIR Thermal Cameras product page.

Printing and Picture Resolution
The infrared photos taken are primarily designed for viewing on the camera or on a computer using the special computer software included with the purchase of a camera. The software, called QuickReports, allows for detailed analysis of the temperatures and data gathered by the camera.

The images taken with the FLIR i-7 are 240x240 pixels per inch (about 3.3x3.3 inches) when opened on the computer. After analysis in the QuickReports software the image size increases to 600x600 pixels (about 8.3x8.3 inches), which is beneficial if printing the images. Computer monitors dsiplay images at 72 pixels per inch (ppi), so the images' 72 ppi resolution is easily view and analyzed on a computer monitor. If it is desired to print the images, the pixels per inch (ppi) can be increased to 200-300ppi to insure a better quality print image.

All thermal images on Matrix Therapy Products' website were taken by Matrix, using the FLIR i-7 camera.

Note: FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras are not for export. For sale in the USA only.

by Matrix Therapy Products 2011

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