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Matrix News Updates

Symmetry Soundness Bodywork for Horses Course

Click here to Learn More! July 2014

MicroCurrent for Horses Book Sale Price of $59.95
July 2014

Financed Purchases Available

For the first time, Matrix offers
financed purchases.
The PayPal program can be selected
during the regular check-out process.

For more details click here or contact Matrix.

This month Matrix will be at
the Horse Expo Pomona in Sunny California!

Want to know more?
View MicroCurrent for Horses, See All Book Corral Authors,
or Visit the Horse Expo's Website.

Deborah Powell will be at the Horse Expo Pomona on January 31st to February 2nd, 2013 as part of their Book Corral event.

Featured authors, including Deborah, will have a booth to share their books with everyone in attendance. The Horse Expo Pomona includes demonstrations, shopping, lectures, competitions, breeds, saddles, horse sale, retail exhibitors, and more!

New Handheld, Cordless Qi Gong Massagers

"It's What We've Been Waiting For!" - DP

Equitonic 9 & Mobile Medic:
Soothe muscles and quickly reduce swelling with these highly portable, easy-to-use infrasound therapy devices.

The smaller Mobile Medic fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to treat your whole horse. The slightly larger Equitonic 9 has expanded features and 50 hour battery life.

For more details about infrasound therapy and these two new Qi Gong massagers, read Matrix's article. (October 2012)

Deborah Powell introduces Matrix Therapy Products, briefly covering the therapies offered and the company's history. Produced by Matrix Video.

New Iontophoresis Patch Available from Matrix

The ActivaPatch makes phoresing quick and smart - it completes the transfer of medication in just 2.5 hours and has an indicator light to let you know when treatment has started and when it has successfully completed. To learn more about the ActivaPatch, Continue Reading.

July 2012

New Product: Matrix Silver Knit Hock Wrap Electrode

This silver knit electrode was specially designed to easily treat hocks with microcurrent.

The sleeve consists of two silver knit pieces that are connected to form a dual-electrode hock wrap. Click here to see product details & order yours!

May 2012

Matrix Clinics in 2012

The Ocala, Florida Clinic was a huge success!
Picture to right is from the clinic.

Interested in a clinic in your area?
Contact Matrix to set one up!

Next up: 3-day Microcurrent Clinic
at Matrix in Beavercreek, OR
on June 30, July 1, and July 2

NEW Product: Hock Wrap Electrode

Specially designed for easily treating hocks.
Click here to see product details & order yours!

Two silver knit pieces connected to form one electrode sleeve. Provides both the positive and negative electrode all in one!

May 2012

Want to look younger, Naturally?

Check out Matrix's
Facial Rejuvenation Program.

Learn how you can use the
eZZi-Lift microcurrent unit,
light therapy, and the NutrInfusion nutrient booster for an
at-home spa day!

Click here to learn more. May 2012

Now Available: New FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

New thermal imaging cameras for equine use are now available from Matrix Therapy Products. The next-generation FLIR i-Series Cameras were released in February with a sleek new design and upgraded features. Additionally, the advanced FLIR E30 infrared camera is now available from Matrix Therapy products. March 2012.

New FLIR i7

Matrix has the new model of the FLIR i7,
which has a sleek new design, increased
durability, and improved resolution
and field of view.


Looking for a sophisticated infrared camera
full of features? Check out the FLIR E30,
which is equipped with touch screen,
digital camera, and more.

Size not to scale. For more information on the new models, take a look at the comparison chart.

Book Cover: MicroCurrent for Horses, 2nd Edition

December 2011 Announcement: Product Updates!

  • NEW: 2nd Edition of MicroCurrent for Horses by Deborah Powell. The 2nd Edition includes all the same content on a wide variety of therapies, with new tips, pictures, products, and protocols throughout the book.
  • Equilux Light Device is back in stock.
  • Matrix Tear Drop Style MCT Patches available:
    • $21.95 single.
    • $79 for 4 pack.



Microcurrent self-powered patch, teardrop style on horse's leg

Now is your chance to win 2 tickets to the NFL Championships by entering in the FLIR “The Big Game” Sweepstakes.

When you purchase a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera between October 15 and January 1, you become eligible to enter the sweepstakes.

Microcurrent therapy equine deluxe kit NEW Matrix Equine Deluxe Kits - Gold, Silver, & Bronze

The Deluxe Equine Kits allow for easy purchase of a microcurrent kit that will give you all you need to get started with microcurrent or re-stock your supplies.

The Deluxe Kits range in price and products included with Gold being the most inclusive, down to Bronze, which has fewer items.

Click Here to Learn More about the Deluxe Kits.

Left: Equine Gold Deluxe Kit. October 2011

Treating saddle soreness with Best-Vet microcurrent unit
Best-Vet and comb for saddle soreness.
Best-Vet Treatment Photos - Be Inspired!

The Best-Vet Microcurrent Device can be used with a wide variety of electrode accessories, such as the comb, E-Pen, pad electrodes, mini roller, and more.

Take a look at these photos that depict just a few of the treatment options available when using the Best-Vet.

Take a look at the photographs by clicking here.

October 2011

Microcurrent therapy on horse hoof
Treating Ting Points.

Matrix Therapy Products will be at the
Cascade Horse Fair!
Oct 29-30, 2011

Deborah Powell will be giving several presentations over the course of the two-day fair, covering several therapy tools that are Northwest-Winter appropriate. Presentations will include live therapy demonstrations and Q & A with the audience.

This is a great chance to have your questions answered and learn more ways to keep your horse sound and healthy!

Thermal Imaging Scans: Available by appointment at Cascade Horse Fair.

Best-Vet Training: Purchase your Best-Vet microcurrent therapy device prior to the fair and get your training there!

thermal imaging camera for equine scans
Click HERE to see full flyer (PDF)

Horse with poll treatment using Matrix Silver Knit Wrap electrode
Silver Knit Products: Treatment Tips

A series of pictures demonstrating treatment setups using the Silver Knit Square, the NEW Silver Knit Pads, and the Silver Knit Strip. Let your imagination go - there are a wide variety of possibilities using these silver knit products.

Left: Silver Knit Pad Electrode wrapped for a poll treatment.

Summer 2011

New Article by Matrix

Equine Colic Relief (ECR): stop colicColic Solutions: Microcurrent or Equine Colic Relief (ECR)

The knowledge of Equine Colic Relief and microcurrent therapy can help your horse safely recover from colic.

Colic can strike at any time from a wide variety of causes, but one thing is the same – horse owners around the world will try nearly anything to help their horse. When your horse is suffering from colic, even old wives tales can seem like solutions worth trying. Luckily, there are some safe, affordable options that can alleviate your horse’s discomfort and help stop the bout of colic.

To learn about using microcurrent and Equine Colic Relief to stop colic, Read More.

NEW Silver Knit Products!

Matrix's new product, Silver Knit Pad Electrodes, are strips of Silver Knit material with Velcro on the back to attach to a Non-Conductive Wrap. This enables you to place the silver knit pads exactly where you want them and allows for versatile treatments. The pads are ideal for treating coronet bands, hocks, and more.

The Silver Knit Pads are soft, thick, and comfortable as well as flexible to fit around any shape. Extremely durable and long-lasting, they will provide years of use. Matrix offers a non-conductive wrap with a Velcro end for use with the Silver Knit Pad Electrodes. This wrap can fit any size because it will attach back onto itself. Any non-conductive wrap that Velcro can attach to, such as a polo wrap, will work with the Silver Knit Pad Electrodes.

Used for microcurrent treatments, the Silver Knit pads need to be thoroughly wet prior to treatment in order to pass the current. For longer treatment sessions, it can also be beneficial to add conductivity gel such as Matrix Arnica Gel. Each Silver Knit Pad is only one side of the positive/negative setup necessary for microcurrent to flow. Therefore a second electrode is necessary during treatments. This can be another Silver Knit Pad or any other electrode.

Silver Knit electrodes for microcurrent therapy

Two sizes of Silver Knit Pad strips allows for even more versatility. Both attach easily to the non-conductive wrap.

reduce, reuse, recycle

Keeping it Green: Reused Packing Materials

Have you ever noticed newspaper padding your newly purchased Matrix Laser? Or possibly your MCT Patches and Matrix Gel arrived in a previously used box?

Rather than recycling newspaper and packaging materials we receive, Matrix re-uses them to ship products to you. For example, although Matrix never purchases packing peanuts, you will on occasion see them padding your order. We save the materials sent to us and use them to supplement boxes that have been purchased for shipping products.

With orders sent out every day, it is inevitable that paper, boxes, and other packing materials are used on a regular basis. That is why, in an effort towards “keeping it green,” Matrix reuses as much packing materials as possible.

Like Matrix on Facebook
Want to share pictures of your horse or pet enjoying a treatment session?

Go to Matrix's Facebook page to upload pictures and share your story.

Microcurrent therapy tools for equines Microcurrent Article in Southwest Horse Trader!

Starting with the July 2011 issue, Southwest Horse Trader magazine is printing a 3-part series by Matrix. The three articles will cover an introduction to microcurrent, locating lameness, and other therapies.

To view the article online go to Southwest Horse Trader and read the digital issue. Matrix's article appears on page 39 and 41 in full color!

The first two Best-Vet Clinics were a huge success!

One more to come in July - sign up now by contacting Matrix Therapy Products.

Keep your eye out for new articles by Matrix.
Want to learn more about the Matrix MCT Patch? Check out the Quick Facts for an easy read about how to use the patches, tips, and more. Among the articles are topics such as vibration platforms, iontophoresis, stopping colic, and microcurrent device comparison.

Matrix Therapy Products 2011 Catalog is Here!

Request a Catalog
Matrix Therapy Products Catalog

A sneak peek of a few things you'll see in the new catalog:

Image from FLIR Thermal Camera Thoroughbred on Vibration Platform at Pegasus Rehabilitation Center
FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras
EquiVibe Vibration Platforms
(Young Thoroughbred at Pegasus Rehabilitation Center in Redmond, WA)

NEW: Matrix SL-50 Laser

First laser impressive enough to be
added to the Matrix line!

Low price for excellent quality

More coverage & extremely light weight

Great for skin conditions, wounds, & general soreness.

• Extremely Light Weight
• Additional Diodes
• Frequency On/Off selection on red and infrared lasers
• Selectable soft massage
• Longer running time
• Wider treatment area

Treating Horse with Matrix SL-50 Laser

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