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Microcurrent Patch
Microcurrent Patch
Microcurrent Patch - Single
Easy-to-Use, Reusable Patches for 24/7 Pain Relief & Healing

The MCTc Patch has small battery and indicator light. The two electrodes are connected by a wire that snaps onto a pads. Output is 45 ua (microamperes). The patch turns on when applied to the skin and verifies it is on with a tiny red light. Detached, it automatically turns off. Battery lasts up to 200-500 hrs

Benefits include:Safe and easy to use. Great for unattended treatments, especially on horses' legs. Preventing the formation of unwanted adhesions, reduces paing and inflammation, and reduces overall healing time.

Please Note: If MCT Patch is lasting less than 200 hours this means it is working too hard, which can occur if the MCT Patch is on an injury 24/7. It is recommended to treat the problem with additional forms of microcurrent therapy.
Comes with 8.5 oz bottle of gel
Recommended Supplies (not included): Vet Wrap, scissors, and water Also, order Tac Gel to make pads sticky again.

MCT Patches do not have a warranty - only Factory Replacement if damaged on arrival

Price includes priority mail shipping
Price: $46.95

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