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**NEW: Matrix Silver Knit Small Dual Rectangle (ES-SRD)


NEW Matrix Silver Knit Small Rectangle - Dual Electrode

Quilted rectangle electrode that can be secured with the three detachable Velcro straps. One side is split into two silver knit sections, making it a dual electrode. The other is fabric for the Velcro to hook to. Design plus the detached straps makes it highly adjustable to secure in a variety of locations.

You dream, we create - This wrap was requested by horse owners who wanted a focused leg wrap and dog owners who didn't want to deal with a return pad. Dogs with thin hair coats can lay on it or have it wrapped around their midsection. This multipurpose electrode and it is the same size as the Matrix Silver Knit Leg Wrap.

Dimensions: 12" x 16" with 3 non-attached Velcro straps; Size: Universal
Price: $135.00

*Book Bundle: The Horse Book & The Dog Book, by Deborah Powell


*Book Bundle: Get $10 off
Two Books - MicroCurrent for Horses & MicroCurrent for Dogs
both by Deborah Powell

This bundle includes both of the MicroCurrent books, MicroCurrent for Horses and MicroCurrent for dogs. These books are in-depth manuals on treating with microcurrent therapy, as well as infrasound, light, and more complementary therapies. Learn More about the Dog Book.
Add-On Bleeders Quick Guide (+$24.95)
Price: $129.90

*Budget* MicroPlus Kit (M-Micro-B)


M-MicroPlus-B Budget Conscious Kit
Switchable polarity, five most popular frequencies, microamperage, and low level TENS (milliamps). Excellent quality and superb features for a miniature unit. Learn More about Microcurrent

Kit contains:
(1) Micro Plus, (2) Pairs Unit Wires (5008), (2) Pair 6 ft Extension Wires (5011), (1) 4-Pack of 2x2" pads, (F-2050 (1) 1.5 x 3.5 (F-2048) (1) 4-Pack of 3" rounds (F-2030 (1) 8.5 oz bottle (1) Clip Tote Bag, (1) Soft Carry Case, (1) 9 volt battery. Plus comes with exclusive Matrix instructions

Warranty: MicroPlus unit has a 5 year limited warranty.
Book MicroCurrent for Horses (+$69.95)
Add-on Bleeders Quick Guide (printed) (+$24.95)
Add-on Surcingle (+$13.00)
List Price: $170.00
Price: $150.00



Class Deposit for Matrix Therapy Courses
Put down a deposit to hold your space in one of our 2018 classes

$100 for a 4 Day Course
$50 for a 2 Day Course

Select the dates of the course you want to reserve your spot at, and pay the deposit.
Price: $50.00

*Horse Gals Getting Started Kit (M-MicroGS)


Get started with the all body basics!
  • MicroPlus w/ Soft Carry Case & 9V Battery
  • 1 Set of Extension Wires (5011)
  • 2 Sets of Splitter Wires (4016)
  • 12 Various Sized Electrodes
  • Clip Tote Bag (A-501)
  • Poly Tape
  • Surcingle
  • Gel
  • MicroCurrent for Horses Book
  • Exclusive Matrix Instructions for MicroPlus
Price: $249.00

*Matrix Best-Vet III with Back Pad & Leg Wraps (BV3-BPLW)


Matrix Best-Vet III Kit with Silver Knit Quick Setup
Comes with Matrix Silver Knit Back Pad and four Matrix Silver Knit Leg Wraps

This microcurrent therapy Kit for when knowing matters. For accessing and ability to switch to all body setups with multiple options. It comes with the following:

Matrix Best-Vet III device, comb electrode, silver knit back pad electrode, 4 silver knit leg wraps, a 12 electrodes, 4 pack each 2x2, 1.5 x 3.5, and 3",rounds, 8.5oz bottle of gel, clip tote bag, 2 3way splitters, and a pair of extension wires.
Price: $2,600.00

*Matrix Platinum Equine Kit


Matrix *Platinum Equine Kit
Matrix Best-Vet III Back Pad, Legs wraps, Zip On Hock Wraps, Roller
and roller.
This Matrix Best-Vet III Kit puts together all of the favorites plus includes a free additional microcurrent unit (MicroPlus) allowing for a second horse setup.

Comes complete with Matrix instructions for MicroPlus and the Matrix Best-Vet III Manual, as well as training.
Book MicroCurrent for Horses (+$69.95)
Price: $3,340.00

*Matrix SL-50 Laser (SL-50)


Matrix SL-50 Laser - Class 3R Laser
Great for wounds, pain relief, reducing and preventing scar tissue and more.
Learn More about Light Therapy.

Features & Specs:
Laser Diodes: 8 Red/ 4 Infrared
Size: handheld, cordless
Beam: Continuous wave or pulsed at 20 Hz
Wavelength: 635 nm; 830 nm
Power Output: Max 5 mw
Power Supply: Rechargeable
Charge: lasts 3-4 hours
Weight: 4.7 oz

Comes with Matrix User Instructions. FDA Approved Device. Warranty: 1 year.
List Price: $399.00
Price: $359.00

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