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Avazzia E-Pen Acupoint Probe (E-Pen)


Avazzia E-Pen Acupoint Probe (E-Pen)

Pencil-type probe ideal for stimulating acupoints. The E-Pen is a combined positive and negative electrode, no need for return electrode. Surface area of pen tip is 1/4 inch and the length is 6-inches. Electrode accepts 2.5mm plug.

Wire for BEST devices, use wire 5025 (or 5025 heavy duty version).
Price: $150.00

E-Pen II Acupoint Electrode (E-Pen II)


Probe: E-Pen II

This probe is 4 inches long and is a Combined Positive/Negative Acupoint Electrode. Has a 42" wire connected to it and adapter with dual .08 pin jacks at the end. The surface area of the pen tip has a 1/2-inch diameter and the length is 4-inches.

By request can be adapted for multi-use with 2.5mm plug at the end.
Price: $69.00

Ear Clip Electrodes - One Pair (E-EC)


Ear Clip Electrodes - One Pair (E-EC)

Non-corrosive black carbon electrodes are comfortable and easy to use. Come as a pair. Wires shown are not included
Price: $15.00

Ear Clip Electrodes - Two Pair (E-EC2)


Ear Clip Electrodes - Two Pair (E-EC2)

Non-corrosive black carbon electrodes are comfortable and easy to use. Comes with 2 pairs. Wires shown are not included
Price: $19.90

Fingertip Electrode (E-EF)


Fingertip Electrode (E-EF) - ideal for facials

Combined positive and negative electrode, fits comfortably onto fingertips for facial treatments.
Price: $25.00

Matrix Acupoint Probe: Ball Tip w/ Handle (PR-BT)


Stainless Steel Ball Tip Probe PR
Comes with 2 each of E-Handle and Pin-Banana Plug adapter.

Probe is designed for acupuncture points or for facial microcurrent treatments.
Can be used with any unit that has .08 pin plug wires or banana plug wires.

Select either Regular or Slim handle style.
Price: $145.00

Matrix Carbon Roller (MR-200)


Matrix Carbon Roller (MR-200)
This new mini roller has a black carbon roller and a 7-inch handle, which accepts a .08 pin plug. Requires second electrode during treatments.
Price: $69.00

Matrix Silver Knit Electrode Glove (EG-102)


Silver Knit Electrode Glove

Heavenly microcurrent treatment using your hands to find and treat problem areas all at once! This thin silver knit glove passes current, allowing you to use your hands to find and treat problem areas.

Universal size: Stretches to fit any hand.

Sold individually.
Price: $59.00

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