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Transfer Factor (TF-90)


Transfer Factor/Classic

Dietary Supplement. 90/ 200 mg capsules

Ingredients: A patented concentrate of transfer factors and other natural compenents from cow colostrum.
Price: $45.00

Vet Wrap (V-3M)


3M Vet Wrap - Yellow

Best color to use for wrapping the MCT Patch. Red indicator light shows through best with yellow.
Price: $3.00

VibraVM Acoustic Percussor (V-VM)


Natural physiotherapy device for respiratory conditions

This complete kit includes the applicators for both large and small animal set ups. Note: V-SA must be mounted on V-Nostril for small animal use.

The VibraVM uses sound waves introduced through the nose to breakup accumulations of harmful secretions in the respiratory system for easy expulsion. As a bonus, a certain type of sound produced relaxes constricted airways.

Learn more about the VibraVM
Price: $1,729.00

Volt/Ohm Current Test Meter (Meter)


Volt/Ohm Current Test Meter

This little meter does it all. Test battery voltage and test your wires & electrodes for continuity.

Every electro therapist should have one of these in their kit.

Comes ready to use, battery included.
Price: $12.00

White Poly Tape (TP-W260)


White Poly Tape (TP-W260)
Hold Your Pad Electrodes in Place!

Dimensions: 2" x 60 yds
Use: For Equine and Canine Application, holds pad electrodes in place during treatment.

The non-sticky side is waterproof and the sticky side is extremely sticky to hold pad electrodes nicely in place. Removes easily and re-sticks well when adjustments need to be made or you need to move pads to a new location.
Price: $13.00

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