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Dog: MicroPlus Canine Kit (M-Micro-C)


For Dogs: MicroPlus Kit
Get the tools needed to start treating your dog with microcurrent

This kit includes: Possible add-ons include the MicroCurrent for Dogs book and a customized E-Pen II that will work with the MicroPlus (add to kit by checking boxes below).
E-Pen II Electrode Modified for MicroPlus (+$69.00)
Add Book MicroCurrent for Dogs (+$69.95)
Price: $142.25

Gift Certificate


Gift Certificates Available for Matrix Therapy Products' Store

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Click Here to Order Gift Certificate
Price: $50.00

Matrix Best-Vet III Equine Kit


Matrix Best-Vet III Equine Kit

This new unit has several new features and programs, and all of the same great treatment benefits as the previous BEST veterinary units. The Matrix Best-Vet III has four operating modes, which are Assess Chronic, Low Relax, Medium Stimulation, and Deep Massage. One of the new features is that on the Assess Chronic mode, the Matrix Best-Vet III has initial reaction indicators (GSR).

The Matrix Best-Vet III Kit includes:
Matrix Best-Vet III unit, a FDA approved biofeedback microcurrent device
Avazzia comb electrode (E-Comb)
4-pack of 2x2" pad electrodes (F-2050)
(1) Avazzia Kit Bag (B-AV)
Vinyl bag (A-501)
(2) Avazzia factory wires (5041, 5040)
(1) pair extension wires (5011)
NEW Best-Vet Manual by Matrix included with purchase.
Book MicroCurrent for Horses (+$69.95)
Price: $1,395.00

Micro IV: Unit Only (Micro400)


Micro IV Unit Only Micro400 - Economy TENS Unit
Ideal for replacing your unit.
Learn More about Microcurrent

Only comes with factory wires, pad electrodes, battery, and a 4-pack of electrodes.
Price: $159.00

MicroPlus Equine Kit (M-Micro-E)


M-MicroPlus Equine Kit
Switchable polarity, five most popular frequencies, microamperage, and low level TENS (milliamps). Excellent quality and superb features for a miniature unit. Learn More about Microcurrent

Kit contains:
(1) Micro Plus, (2) Pairs Unit Wires, (1) 4 Pack of Electrodes, (1) Clip Tote Bag, (1) 9 Volt Battery, (1) Soft Carry Case, (1) Pint Matrix Gel, (2) 5011 Pairs 6 ft. Extensions Wires, (1) Variety Pack Electrodes.
Warranty: MicroPlus unit has a 5 year limited warranty.

Select from the options below for additional accessories. The set of two (2) splitters makes it possible to treat six (6) sites at once.
Splitter Wires (2) 6 ft. splitters #4016 (+$38.00)
Silver Knit Strips 8 pc Kit #ES-8PCKit (+$325.00)
Mini Roller MR 100 (+$110.00)
Add Tape 1 roll White Poly Tape #TP-W260 (+$13.00)
Book MicroCurrent for Horses (+$69.95)
Add-on Bleeders Quick Guide (printed) (+$24.95)
Add-on Surcingle (+$13.00)
List Price: $209.00
Price: $190.00

MicroPlus: Unit Only (M-MicroPlus)


MicroPlus Microcurrent Unit
Need to replace your unitMore about Microcurrent

Unit Comes with:
(1) Micro Plus, (2) Sets Unit Wires, (1) 4 Pack of Electrodes, 9 Volt Battery, (1) Soft Carry Case,
Warranty: MicroPlus unit has a 5 year limited warranty.
Price: $59.00

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