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Horse with Precision Microcurrent Unit

MicroCurrent & Bodywork Course: Thank you

I just wanted to thank you and Bambi for making room for me in your class. It was very well presented and put forth a great deal of information at an understandable level. My horses are thoroughly enjoying my newly learned techniques.

Thanks Again,
Lynn Wallace
Owner/Thoroughbred Racing
July 2016

MicroCurrent & Bodywork Course: Thank you

Herbie Dressage Horse MicroCurrent and Bodywork Course

Hallo Deborah and Bambi!

Just a real quickie to say what an amazing load of training I received / and how much I enjoyed the course, and meeting everyone. 
I am bowled over by the microcurrent and methods and treatments possible.

I hope to start work practicing on my own horse Herbie The Wonderhorse, tomorrow !

Thanks again, and I'll send one of my favourite pics of Herbie through.

Very Best Wishes,

Kate x

Gwehelog, UK
July 2016


Light Therapy (Equilux): Healed Equine Scratches (skin problem)

Recently my horse got a really bad case of scratches. I treated the scratches with the Equilux and there was instant improvement. The first treatment took down the inflammation and swelling, and the next treatment helped soothe the irritation and provided pain relief. The third treatment with the Equilux completely healed the scratches. I am extremely pleased with the ease of use and quick results.

Ann Hamann
Haines, OR
October 2011

Light Therapy (Equilux): Border Collie's Damaged Salivatory Glands
Dog Agility: Border Collie, 5 years old

My 5-year-old Border Collie got into an altercation and ended up with a damaged salivatory gland. Veterinarians say the prognosis for surgery has a low success rate and it is a difficult injury to heal. Per the vet’s recommendation, I started my dog on a course of antibiotics, however after the first round the vet prescribed a second course of antibiotics because the injury still had not healed.

Previously, I had purchased the Equilux light therapy device for a wound and recalled how impressed I’d been at how well it had worked. Deciding it was worth a try, I began treating my dog’s injury with the Equilux while continuing the second course of antibiotics. I started with two 20-minute sessions to see if my dog would tolerate the treatment. There was immediate improvement! I continued to treat my dog daily with 20-minute treatment sessions. After just one week the salivatory glands had improved. Even after the second round of antibiotics was over I kept up my daily treatments with the Equilux and plan on continuing them for maintenance. Along with helping heal the injury, my dog loves the treatments. Now, all I have to do is call, “laser, laser” and my dog comes running, lies down, and rolls over so treatments can begin!

I hope this helps anyone who comes across a similar injury; the Equilux light therapy is a great tool to have.

Lisa Bowers
Central Oregon

Equine Colic Relief: 2 Successful Cases 

I bought ECR on a friend’s recommendation, and within the last year had occasion to use it twice. It successfully resolved a mild impaction colic and a spasmodic/gas colic on two different horses with no further treatment except brief hand walking to keep them on their feet until the ECR took effect.  I consider it a valuable addition to my equine medical kit, especially with its long shelf life.

I plan to always keep some on hand for the peace of mind it provides.  I recommend it without reservation.

Spokane, WA
July 2011

Invaluable Resource: Microcurrent for Horses, and Other Vital Therapies You Should Know, by Deborah Powell.

This book is the first such comprehensive work that I have found, and I consider it an invaluable resource that I refer to repeatedly. It covers a wide range of alternative therapies available and provides the detailed instructions needed to implement them for the benefit of our horses. It is a great reference for both novice and experienced horseowners in managing the care and well-being of their charges. Our horses will be the better for our reading, studying, and using this gift of knowledge. 

Thanks so much.

Spokane, WA
July 2011

Best-Vet & Mini Roller: Serious Bowed Tendon
Lizzy, my 5-year-old Trakehner dressage mare bowed her right front tendon in turn out. The vet initially stated that Lizzy probably would not recover enough to do dressage again and that he had not seen a bowed tendon that bad in a long time. He had originally scheduled her for surgery to split the tendon but decided a couple days later not to do the surgery. He stated that she would be on stall rest for about a year and said to call him in two weeks to check the tendon again. 

Well.... Instead of calling him I called you :)  

We are going on 6 weeks now and the vet was amazed and shocked at the recovery and results thus far. The vet looked at Lizzy today and was astonished at how great her tendon looked and felt. He stated he has never seen a bowed tendon heal so fast and so nicely before. :) I shared with him that I was using microcurrent.

I just wanted to pass that along to you since you have been such a help and inspiration every step of the way! Her leg has healed nicely from any and all sores, is tight and cool. 

I sure appreciate ALL your help and support thus far and look forward to learning more about microcurrent - such a blessing!

Jennifer Baus
Post Falls, ID
June 2011

Best-Vet & More: Avulsion at Origin of Suspensory Healed
Got fantastic news from the vet today regarding my horse who had an avulsion at the origin of the suspensory---he's 100% sound; no scar tissue at all; the vet says he healed REALLY well and that I'm one lucky lady! :)

I treated my horse with Matrix products – the Best-Vet, MCT Patch, Cool Cast, and iontophoresis. The vet was really surprised at how well my horse healed. There were no bad scar tissue adhesions on the tendon and he was given 100% soundness with return to normal activity.

Also, at the time of the check-up, I asked my veterinarian if he saw any signs of soreness elsewhere in my horse---if he needed injections or anything. (Mind you he is a 15-year-old Quarter Horse I use for barrel racing and he was on the racetrack through his 4-year-old year. He also has had two previous bone chip surgeries in the same knee – he is a regular for injections – both hocks and knees). This horse is also a microcurrent junkie---wiggling his lips and even rocking back and forth so I get the right spot. The vet said, no, he did not see any indication of him needing any injections or other traditional interventions!  


Amanda Harthun
Bear Lake, MI
June 2011

Best-Vet: Quick and Easy to treat General Soreness
My 8-year-old paint mare, Dancer, has been experiencing soreness due to advancing to a new level in our dressage training. I just got a Best-Vet unit and I had so much fun treating Dancer with it today.  I treated her back before Coral (Equine Massage Therapist) worked on her and treated Dancer's neck area after Coral worked on her.  I also did Dancer's leg where she got caught in the blackberry bushes and she loved it all.  I am so thrilled. The Best-Vet is so easy to use and Dancer will reap the benefits as I can treat her more often than I could with my MENS Miva 4 and MicroStim 400.  Keep in touch and I will talk with you soon.

Take care,

Portland, OR
May 2011

Microcurrent & more: No More Injections
In 2010, I had to have my 6-year-old barrel horse injected numerous times in multiple locations.  For his wellbeing and to save my checkbook, I invested in the Precision Micro Stim, Best-Vet, Thermotex blanket and other products from Matrix Therapy.  After two months of treatments, my vet recommended that I continue doing my treatments and that no injections were needed.  He said he couldn’t believe it was the same horse that he looked at six months prior. I am currently keeping all my horses on a maintenance program and they are all sound and comfortable. I have had such a wonderful experience and had great success using these products that I am now fully trained and offering my services to the public. 

Kimberly Anderson
Redmond, OR
April 2011

Qi Gong: Sore, High-Spirited Arab
About Fable Chaurus, a Scoroneck Arabian. Fable is 14.3 H and has been in endurance for about 6 years, Fable is now 13 years young. Fable was always #1 no matter what. About 3 years a stifle problem ended endurance riding. We gave him all the rest and extra good care he needed.

One year ago I put the saddle on hem and wanted to try some simple work, well let me tell you, the moment I got on he started dancing under the saddle and had one thing in mind..GALLOP now. One hundred miles in a minute, me as the rider sad “NO” slow, slow and slow and that's all I want. Well we ended up in 30 minute dancing, bucking and rearing and head high up in the air. Fable was totally wet all over his body dripping from the sweat and excitement!!! Okay, what is next!! I did not try to ride him again for a long time, could you blame me?

About six months ago tried it again, the same result, that was it for me. In three months I tried it again, a whole different picture, was able to walk him, but his head was high up in the air!!!!!!. And went tree times in five minutes through his hind leg, stifle. Okay that was it. I read in a magazine about the SI WANG (QiGong) machine and purchased the machine. Well, I was ABOLUTELY SPEECHLESS WITH THE RESULT. I went over Fable's entire body with the handset very slow, especially his back and stifle. Well, an amazing thing happened, Fable lowered his head and neck and went down and down. His under lip became loose and relaxed. This was for me absolutely a sing from being totally in peace and enjoying the treatment. SI WANG (QiGong) DOES WORK!!

After the treatment I saddled Fable up and could ride him in a normal way, relaxed and NOT rearing, bucking and dancing up and down. I love this horses as I love my two dressage show horses and I love the SI WANG (QiGong) machine. Thank you. Christyna

Qi Gong: Can't Sleep
I'm a very bad sleeper. I use every evening the SI WANG (QiGong) on my elbow,hand and shoulder. Now, I sleep as never before and my tennis elbow is gone! I use this machine for only 10 minutes over my knee and NO knee pain anymore. I train 3 days a week, 3 horses a day and the SI WANG (QiGong) machine is very important for me, like my vitamins.
THE MACHINE DOES WORK.Thank you. Christyna

Light Therapy: Chas's Wound
The injury happened February 19, 2005  I did the micro once a week and did the Equilux twice a day at wound cleanings for 3 minutes each time.  The new skin growth is really amazing and there is very little trauma knot under the skin.  Remember this was as pretty deep puncture.

I did the Equilux on a trainer yesterday who had a stiff neck and didn't show much trust or belief in my little hand unit.   He never said what his results where either way.  But after about 5 minutes he looked at his girlfriend and said, "We need to put that thing in your purse and take it home."  So I think he soon changed his mind. Click Here to see picture

Thermotex Blanket: CJ & Phoenix, testimonial from Ashley

CJ: 18-year-old Running Quarter Horse Gelding

Part 1: I have used Microcurrent, Light Therapy, and Infrasound therapy on my horses for years and finally purchased a Thermotex Blanket and Neck Wrap to add to my collection. My horse, CJ, has been a performance horse his entire life; started on the Race Track and then moved on to the Hunter/Jumper Ring, Pony Club, Eventing, and then we finally landed in Dressage. He has always carried a lot of tension and soreness in his back and hips, he also has straighter hocks which has caused hock soreness. However, we have kept all of those issues in check using microcurrent and the other therapies.

On March 18, during a lesson CJ tripped twice in a row and I knew immediately that something wasn’t right. Sure enough the next day he was lame. He was holding his right hind leg very forward and pointing his toe to alleviate pressure.

I immediately started a mixture of Microcurrent and Iontophoresis treatments to try and calm down his hocks, back and hips (where the issue seemed to be stemming from). After two and a half weeks of treatment his pain level had decreased and he slowly was becoming more sound, but wasn’t 100%. When I received the Thermotex blanket & neck wrap I promptly did a treatment on him, which he thoroughly enjoyed. After a 45 minute session I turned him out to roll and was surprised to see that he rolled not only on his good side but his bad side as well. Until that point he was still being very guarded about his right hind. As soon as he got up he bucked and took off, and I was very happy to see that his movement was better, there was less of him jerking his right hind up. When I went to take him back to his stall I couldn’t believe how loose the muscles in his back and hind end were - they were like jello!

Part 2: After six treatments with the Thermotex Blanket & Neck Wrap, my horse CJ is sound!

I used it 3 times a week for 2 weeks and couldn’t believe the improvement in his soundness, as well as the all-over relaxation it provided for his whole body. After CJ was sound for a couple week, I started bringing him back to riding slowly while continuing to do Thermotex treatments.

After a few rides he started to have issues with his right hind again. This has been an ongoing issue with him and the last time this happened the veterinarians said it was an issue with his stifle. I had Bambi Dore come out to do bodywork on him and she immediately zeroed in on the fact that CJ was suffering from problems that had resulted from his castration as a young horse. His gracilis muscles were uneven and the left side was softer then the right, which was stringy, hard, and painful to the touch. His right seat bone was locked and his hip joint was jammed into the socket.

This completely intrigued me so I took Bambi’s bodywork course, Symmetry = Success, because I want to be able to identify this problem in future horses rather then let it continue on year after year. I am so relieved to know the root of this ongoing issue with the right hind and lower back tension, the Thermotex was a huge key in that discovery because it allowed his body to unwind!

Thermotex Infrared Heated horse blanket - treating Quarter Horse

Phoenix: 9-year-old Andalusian Mare

Part 1: The next morning I used the blanket and neck wrap on Phoenix for 45 minutes. She has a tendency to hold tension in her back and neck. Being an Andalusian, it takes awhile for her to become stretchy and elastic under saddle because all she wants to do is collect and go. I was amazed when I rode her after her Thermotex session, she immediately was stretching over her back and into the contact instead of bracing. The biggest surprise of all was our canter transitions! She can be a bit grouchy in the transition but as soon as I put my leg back to ask for the canter she immediately picked up the most lovely canter without hesitation, both directions! She was also able to perform her lateral work with ease.

Part 2: I took Phoenix to a dressage clinic a couple weeks after getting the Thermotex Blanket. The first day of the clinic I ran out of time before my ride and wasn’t able to give her a treatment. She was stiff, not wanting to engage, and it took the majority of our ride to get her supple and really pushing from behind.

The second day I made sure to give her a treatment with the blanket and as soon as I was on, the clinician noted a difference in her suppleness and push from behind just at the walk! Before the third ride I also did a Thermotex treatment. I expected Phoenix to be fatigued and behind my leg as she normally is at the end of a clinic. However, I had a very eager horse under me and we were able to accomplish more than I had expected during our ride!

The Thermotex has definitely become a staple in my routine for maintenance as well as for clinic and competition preparation.

Thermotex Infrared Heated Horse Blanket - treating Andalusian

Case Studies: from Mary Lou
1. Gelding with Sore Hocks:  On this horse I used Micro Current, Si Wang Infratonic Therapy.  Sessions relieved his pain and reduced inflammation.  His performance improved better collection in performance classes and faster times running speed events.

2. I treated my eyes with micro current stimulation, stimulating the acupuncture points around the eye.  Gradual improvement occurred.  I suffered from Macular Degeneration in both eyes. Micro Current seemed to improve the brightness in color. The greens were greener and the blues bluer.  In time my low vision specialist physician noted changes in my vision and wondered what I was doing.  In the course of several years I gained several lines on the eye chart.

3. Micro Current also helped me with depression.  When I first lost my vision and was horribly depressed and was using M/C on my eyes I noticed after a treatment I felt emotionally stronger for 2-3 weeks after.

4. Mare used in barrel racing.  Swollen lower leg. Used M/C wrap and the (Chi) machine which is the sound wave massager.  Horse improved before our eyes and ran barrels that night with the best time she had ever done.

5. Gelding sore back:  Never in all my years have I seen a horse so sore that even just lightly touching his hair caused him to sink nearly to the grown and groaned in pain. I administered M/C and again Chi and after the first session was able to be ridden.  After the 3rd treatment he was sound and no longer flinching under hand with hard direct pressure.

6. Mare with infected leg:  This horse had the ugliest injury I have ever seen. To be honest with you I thought she should have been put out of her misery.  She didn't look like she had any hope as her back leg had swollen to 3 times the normal size. She had been under vet care for 10 months and had been treated for a low immune system.  The front of her hock was exposed and bulging as so was the fetlock joint.  She had proud flesh issues too.  This was the first horse I ever treated besides my own and did it as more of an experiment.  I want to put my equipment to the test and knew I couldn't hurt her so maybe I could help.  Amazingly after the first session the swelling diminished by the 3rd session her leg was nearly normal in size.  I ended up doing 10 sessions on this horse and her wounds healed and later that summer was even back to barrel racing. I truly wouldn't have believed this one if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

7. Mare flipped over head first running home barrel racing.  This mare was so lethargic and sore could barely walk.  Used M/C and Chi with gentle stretching.  Saw the horse a few days later and you would never have thought it was the same horse. She was limber, alert and upon second examination no pain in her back or poll.

8. Mare left lead problems.  I used massage and myofascial work on her neck and instantly she improved her posture and was able to get her leads.

9. Gelding with hives:  Used chi and during treatment time visibly saw bumps go down.

10. 3 month filly:  This filly had suffered a blow to her head upon falling down while being led.  Her condition deteriorated until her ear was drooping down, eye wouldn't blink, and lower lip was hanging.  Her whole side of her face was suffering from nerve damage.  I used M/C glove work on her by holding her head in my hands especially that side of her face from the droopy ear down her jaw.  We saw improvements in her ear first session.  By second session her lips were firming back up and by the third session her ear had returned upright and was normal.  It just happened that every time I was out working on this filly the vet showed up to treat the eye as it was bulging.  On the third visit he was impressed to see the ear to normal and lips firm.

11. Morgan gelding stiff neck and lack of collection.  Treated with M/C, Chi and hands on massage   His improvements were noticeable in the show ring with beautiful collection and responsiveness in western on a loose rein.. I received a huge compliment from the owner stating that she believed her daughter qualified for “National” on this horse because of my therapy work.

Additional praise for products from Matrix

Microcurrent Patch:
I was pleasantly surprised at how well those micro current patches work for abcesses. I cleaned the foot, put the patch on as directed a 3 days my guy was healed up. I saved the patch and did it again on my daughters horse. You have made a believer out of me.

Frustration Cured:
Using micro current and iontophoresis on my horse's (4th Level Dressage) ring bone put him back in the show ring. My vet was just as impressed as I was. It was worth the time spent treating and expense because it would of cost thousands replace him. You helped me with my Acuscope nightmare when thousands of dollars in training with the Acuscope instructors left me highly frustrated. In one day with you, all of my questions were answered with clear and concise explanations without all the evasion I had come to expect. And believe me, dumping the Acuscope and switching to the Precision Micro Sim was the best thing I ever did. I canât thank you enough.

Old but Fit:
Just wanted to let you know that I probably have just about everything in your product line now. I keep my old horses (25+) sound and young looking. I just can't get enough of the oohs and ahhs I get when people see my old gals.

Happy Camper:
The time spent with your treatment products is paid back ten fold! I send everyone I know to your site when I see they really care about keeping their horses healthy and sound.

I tired with your suggestion and got the support of my vet to put my stallion in a sling and attach a mini micro current unit to him for almost 60 days to help heal a pelvic fracture (best guess based on symptoms). He is sound enough to pass in the show ring. I am forever grateful.

Best Price on Qi Gong (Si Wang) Massager:
Had to tell you, I just love my Qi Gong (massager). It keeps me going (I have bad knees) and has worked wonders on my horse. He has sore feet and I use it after all hard rides and give his body a quick once over looking for sore spots. Your price saved me hundreds from others marketing to horse people and if it wasn't for you, I would not have had the luxury of owning this unit. Thank You.

Microcurrent Patches:
Those micro current patches are amazing. I really did get 500 hrs out of them. They start looking real gungy, but who cares. You simply can't beat them. Thanks again.

You're right. The Equilux works great on wounds. I cleaned the puncture wound on the schedule on the vet gave me( 1x daily) and before wrapping up again I simply would shine the Equilux on it for (about 5-8 minutes) until I saw a nice change in the tissue. I have never had a wound heal so nicely and quickly. And your price was so much better than those other horse light products.

I just started using the Equilux on acupressure points and it takes just a few seconds to get the licking, chewing response at each point. This is more efficient than using my hands (it hurts) and my horses seem to like it more. The massager part is nice too for larger muscle areas. Thanks for a great product.

The Matrix Tuning Forks are Great!:
We use them to prepare horseâs tissue before doing massage therapy. My customers get a real kick out of it when they see me doing it for the first time. They think I am nuts until they see how much the horse like it, so I always have to put them on their shoulders so they can feel it. And believe me they feel wonderful. At the office everyone lined up for us to try it on them. What fun!

Micro Current and Iontophoresis:
After four shock wave treatments failed and my horse was worse, I did micro current and iontophoresis. I am not sure how or why- but it worked great for my horses suspensory injury. My vet thought maybe it was the combination of all that finally did the trick. I am so relieved my horse is really sound again.

Since doing my own micro current work I rarely need to have my horse adjusted. I am so impressed with the quality of my horseâs tissue. It is smooth, not lumpy or to tight. My thinking is supple tissue is helping to keep my horse sound. My equine chiropractor is very impressed and maybe a bit dismayed too.


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