AcuPulse (TENS Device) Product Review

I’m not sure how the rumor got started, however I have recently been receiving questions about the AcuPulse bing a mini Electro-Acuscope. However this is not what it is.

With thousands of TENS (milliamp versions) on the market it is important to distinguish what units are therapeutic, safe, and practical when crossing over from treating people to treating animals. Recently the AcuPulse model Ap-1000 was brought to my attention, the concern and question was, Is it a milliamp or microamp device? And is it really an updated Electo-Acuscope microcurrent device being used on horses? The answer is that it is a milliamp device and that, no it is not an updated Electro-Acuscope. The AcuPulse is imported from China and the importer/reseller of this model was kind enough to send me a copy of the instruction booklet for review of the specifications.

Upon review of the unit and the instruction booklet, it is clear to me that the only thing that makes the AcuPulse similar to the Electro-Acuscope and Electro MyoPulse is the partial similarity of the spelling of the name. It has the “Acu” from Acuscope, and Pulse from the last half of the Myopulse.

A little about the AcuPulse
The AcuPulse is a standard TENS unit operating in milliamps for pain management. It is a preprogramed device with 10 selectable modes. It comes with an instruction booklet with electrode placement for people, not animals. I’m told mode 9 is being used on horses. This mode is listed for pain in joints and limbs.

Comparing with other units
Unlike the Electro Acuscope -Electro Myopulse, the AcuPulse does not have polarity control or GSR. As far as function, there is nothing that makes it similar to the Electro-Acuscope or MyoPulse. The AcuPulse is a strong milliampere device, and I would never recommend using this level of current on an animal. Even if the desired result is pain blocking, there is a definite potential for causing irritation and discomfort for horses because it is too strong of an output of electrical current.

When visiting a website for the AcuPulse AP-1000 there was no indication that it is being used for animal use. The only source of information for animal use is a secondhand account from someone seeing them being sold at horse events with photos of the unit attached to horses. This individual shared that they were concerned by the AcuPulse rep’s lack of knowledge when they tried to ask questions about the unit.