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Tools for Monitoring Your Horse's Health

By Matrix Therapy Products (As published in Matrix's 2013 Catalog)

At Matrix we pride ourselves in giving customers all the tools necessary to perform at-home therapy. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to go out in the barn and help your horse (or other animal) feel its best. Whether you are healing an injury, locating problems, or maintain- ing good health, we want you to feel confident using your therapy products.

Deborah Powell, Matrix Therapy Products President, and her horse, PrinceEach of our products comes with exclusive Matrix User Instructions, which cover treatment instructions and tips for the specific product. The book Mi- croCurrent for Horses (2nd Edition) is available for greater understanding and covers overall knowledge on all of the therapies. Between these two re- sources there are many products that truly are do-it-yourself therapy tools.

Optional Training
For some people, reading manuals is not the easiest way to master a new skill. For this reason, we continue to provide training, and have found that telephone and Skype train- ings are effective for people who can’t make it to a class.

Classes are adaptable to match your needs and include hands-on demonstrations and in- struction. Additionally, once you have taken a course then Matrix is available for ongoing support.

Required Training
For most of the products offered by Matrix, training is simply an option for those who desire more information. However, Matrix recognizes that with some products training is always necessary. If Matrix requires training for a device it is purely to ensure safety and optimum results.

For example, the Best-Vet continues to be packaged with training included because of its uniqueness. This is to guarantee customers have complete success with their treatments.

Certification Courses
Due to the necessity of Best-Vet training courses, Matrix set up the Certified Best-Vet Instructors program. This year we are expanding the program with our 50 States Campaign. Call, email, or View Courses & Training for more information.

Additional Information:

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