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Tools for Monitoring Your Horse's Health

Keep Track of Your Horse's Health & Improvement

By Matrix Therapy Products (As published in Matrix's 2013 Catalog)

Matrix Therapy Products' system of products are selected to help you get your horse sound and to maintain physical wellbeing. An important part of this program is keeping an eye on your horses for both maintenance and prevention.

Some tools available enable you to monitor your horse beyond the obvious visuals. This is useful as part of maintenance and during the injury recovery stage. When stumped by a lameness, using a tool to monitor your horse can help you direct your veterinarian where to look first, saving time and money.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
Above: using a FLIR Camera.
Below: Checking Saddle Soreness with the Best-Vet device.
Best-Vet and Comb checking saddle soreness

Tools for Monitoring Only

Surface Thermometer: An entry level option, it takes the surface area temperature of a specific point. This allows the user to confirm problem areas and verify if a treatment is on course. Learn more about using a surface thermometer.

Thermographic Camera: Infrared cameras take readings of specific and broad temperatures, as well as digital infrared images, which can be viewed on the LCD screen and saved as a picture. The detailed information can be saved for documentation and more thorough examination. Some models also capture a digital picture of the horse. Learn more about FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

Combine Monitoring & Treating

MCT Patches: These provide slight analytical information, because when delivering microcurrent if the patch is exhausted in 200 hours or less it means the patch is working hard to heal an injury. If the patch lasts closer to 500 hours or more, it indicates the injury might be improving and it is time to reassess. Learn more about MCT Patches.

Thermotex Blanket: After treatments with an infrared blanket, there are often sweat marks on a horse’s body. Users have discovered that these areas correlate to ongoing problems with their horses. To expedite results, treat the post-Thermotex wet areas with infrasound or microcurrent. Note: The ExoGlo Infrared Heat Blanket is a new product, but will likely do the same as the Thermotex blanket. Learn more about Infrared Heat Blankets for horses.

Best-Vet Device: This advanced microcurrent unit is unique because the analytical monitoring feature and the treatment occur simultaneously. Users report that on difficult cases, they use the information from the Best-Vet treatments to isolate areas for their veterinarian to further investigate and diagnose. Often the Best-Vet is also used to resolve the issue. Learn more about the Best-Vet biofeedback device.


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