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Let's Talk about the StimPlus

By Matrix Therapy Products (Published May 2015)

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the use of the StimPlus on horses. It is often said that the StimPlus is a great way to locate specific acupuncture points, however this is a bit of a misconception. Even I have partially contributed to this idea about the StimPlus’ function, I realize there is a need for clarification.

Here’s Why. When using the StimPlus on a person, it is highly effective at locating exact acupuncture points. However, when using the StimPlus on animals it is necessary to wet a treatment area and this affects how the device’s alerts work. In this situation, you have to look for the highest output reading to locate the most conductive point. Just because a point is the most conductive in a wetted area does not necessarily mean it will match up to an acupuncture point on a chart. Additionally, if you wet an area, especially if it is too large of an area, that means all of the spots where the StimPlus provides audible alerts will eventually sound about the same. This distinction between locating a specific point that can be matched to an acupuncture point verse finding the most conductive point is the cause of the confusion when working with the StimPlus.

While the device does not necessarily always pinpoint exact acupuncture points on animals, it does locate highly conductive spots that are going to be therapeutic to treat. This is the intended goal of locating points with it, and for that reason you don’t have to be so exact. If you are using it on people, then the alerts are able to identify specific acupuncture points that could match a chart.

While there is a misconception as to the extent of its function, the StimPlus really is a nice device. It can also be helpful in point location practice if you keep the area very small while using an acupuncture chart for reference. The best type of point finder, which provides the most overall benefit, is the type that has microcurrent stimulation while locating points.

For more information, email or view the product page or article About the StimPlus

StimPlus II point finder and microcurrent unit
Above: The StimPlus II, a point finder and microcurrent device.
Below: Using the StimPlus (connected to pad on withers) on horse's shoulder.
StimPlus locating and treating shoulder points

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