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Helping Horses, One Class at a Time

By Matrix Therapy Products

We just had another wonderful class weekend and wanted to share a little behind the scenes from the bodywork portion of Symmetry = Success.

The horses all arrive as they are, in various states of fitness or soreness. But when they leave, each one is feeling better, and to all the student’s newly trained eyes the horses look a lot different too.

Over the past decades, the instructor - Bambi Dore - has tightened up her work as an equine therapist into a system of steps and techniques. These methods directly influence the fascia and bring subtle changes to the horse’s body, which restore it to its best self. Once this happens, the horse starts to feel more comfortable. It is sometimes hard to appreciate it until you’ve experienced it, and after a weekend with Bambi at her course you will see these changes with your own eyes.

In addition to learning about various therapy tools and techniques, everyone gets hands-on practice on horses that could use a little TLC. In Symmetry = Success the horses come first, always. There are a couple things we do to ensure this, one is keeping our classes small so there is intimate one-on-one training and so that there aren’t too many people needing to work on each horse. This way each horse gets what it needs and nothing else, and all treatments are under Bambi’s helpful eye.

Ideally the process starts with microcurrent, which allows you to make changes to the horse’s tissue. Then adding the bodywork knowledge provides a new level of potential for increasing the speed of results and to helping the horse’s body be its best self.

If you have any questions about the class, or want to find out if it is a good fit for you, feel free to write us at or visit the info page on our website. Please note, you must contact Matrix beforehand if you're interested in bringing your horse to the class.

Know you’re ready? Sign-up for the next class now!

Matrix Therapy Products Symmetry = Success
Preparing to learn the next technique, Symmetry = Success Bodywork Course, March 2016.

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