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Natural Treatments for Equine COPD

As published in Just Horses - August 2016

by Deborah Powell

This article is a reprint of our article that was published in the August 2016 issue of Just Horses.

Equine COPD natural treatment article in Just Horses

Do you have a horse that has allergies or any other type of respiratory issues?

Through ongoing research with my business, Matrix Therapy Products, we're constantly looking for safe, natural, and effective therapy options. Recently, we've been focusing on equine lung health, since respiratory issues are so prevalent, especially for performance horses. Here are two natural physical therapy options for treating equine COPD and other lung conditions.

MicroCurrent Therapy

This led me to create the Quick Guide for Treating Bleeders, which is based on the lung treatments shared in my book, MicroCurrent for Horses. The goal of this Quick Guide booklet is to make it easy for people to start terating their horses' lngs for various respiratory conditions.

It's impossible to name a more valuable overall teratment that you can give horses, even with the steady stream of new products entering the market. MicroCurrent (MCT) remains a classic that can be counted on to help horses fell better. this is because MCT can benefit the entire horse and help a multitude of conditions. The only drawback to microcurrent is that it takes a bit of willingness and effort to do the tehrapy, but that has become a whole lot easier with new application methods.

A thoroughbred race horse owner recently said, "I'm not not bright but I get along with horses, however I am not sure I can do microcurrent."

Frustrated by all the other things he had tried, he decided to give it a go and purchased a basic microcurrent unit and the Matrix Silver Knit Back Pad electrode for sore backs. He has been thrilled with how much it has helped, and he recently added the protocol for bleeders and COPD to his regimen. Luckily he realized it was not intimidating afterall.

VibraVM Acoustic Percussor

Another option for naturally and effectively treating equine lung conditions, is with the specialized therapy tool called the VibraVM. It is not a nebulizer. The VibraVM was initially designed for horses (or other animals) with more serious respiratory conditions such as heaves, or COPD. Even horses with early onset of exercised induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH or bleeders) can often be helped.

One of teh tings I love about the VibraVM - in addition to its effectiveness - is the ease of use. You simply hold the device up to your horse's nose, making it easy to treat horses even if they're young, skittish, or fussy. Using two programs the session takes up to eight minutes.

With both of these therapy options, the VibraVM and MCT, a huge bnefit is that once you have learned how to use the deveice you can treat all of yours horses with the same device. This really helps keep the ongoing maintenance cost down, which is always an important part of equine health care.

Sandee Foster, a barrel racer and trainer, recently started combining MicroCurrent therapy with the VibraVM in one session on a horse recovering from a past bout of pneumonia with the blessing of her veterinarian to see how it might help. So far, she reports, the mare is feeling better than ever with less coughing and lots of newfound energy. She will follow up with an endoscopic and ultra sound exames to further measure the mare's progress. With a horse's performance directly affected by respiratory conditions, MicroCurrent and the VibraVM can be a part of a positive overall program for assistance in comfort and lung maintenance that is drug free. This can lead to improved health, performance, and quality of life for your horses.

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