Iontophoresis: Hock Tip

Iontophoresis has become a useful complementary therapy or even replacement for joint injections, and now there is a new, easier method.

With the latest single-use disposable iontophoresis patches available, we finally have a workable method for phoresing a horse’s hocks. Matrix started offering the ActivaPatch in the fall of 2012, and this self-powered iontophoresis patch has a new shape and features that make it possible to target a horse’s hocks.

This treatment is an effective alternative to hock injections or as a therapy session in between hock injections. Phoresing hocks is also beneficial after an injection to relieve soreness at the injection site.

ActivaPatch Hock Treatment

The ActivaPatch completes the transfer of medication in just 2.5 hours, which means that the pads do not have to stay secured as long as previous types of iontophoresis patches. In fact, the treatment can even be stopped after an hour and finished at a later point. The ActivaPatch’s shape makes it possible to have a good fit on a horse’s hock and the indicator light is the icing on top. The ActivaPatch’s indicator light lets you know when the patch has a seal and is delivering medication. These combined benefits of the new iontophoresis patch make it much easier to treat hocks.

Along with using the ActivaPatch, a Matrix customer recently shared a great tip for phoresing hocks. After properly placing the ActivaPatch on the hock, secure it with Saran Wrap.

Activated ActivaPatch covered with Saran Wrap to secure on horse’s hock.

Red Arrow points to the barely-visible ActivaPatch. The layer of Vet Wrap adds extra security.

Evolution of Iontophoresis Patches

When Matrix started using single-use, battery-powered iontophoresis patches they required 24 hours of application to deliver the medication and a bit of faith that they were applied correctly. There are now many choices and models that provide much faster transfer times. The original 24-hour version dropped down to 14 hours, and another model evolved to be a 4-hour version. For people who might have doubts about whether they are applying the patches correctly, there is a new brand that offers an iontophoresis patch with an indicator light. This new model, the ActivaPatch, has treatment feedback and transfers medication in just 2.5 hours. You can even interrupt the session then continue treatment at a later point.

The new style of patches have features similar to a professional phoresor, with the indicator light able to show when there is a proper seal to the tissue, as well as when the patch is delivering and then turns off when completed. Anatomy is still a factor in choosing the correct product for a specific condition, and the ActivaPatch is a good choice for hocks. When you have lumpy, bumpy areas seal is important and having the feedback helps ensure your horse receives the most benefit from the treatment.

Matrix Horse Cocktail

When you purchase the ActivaPatches from Matrix, you’ll also receive the Matrix Special Instructions. The instructions provide you with all the details, including the exact mix of medication for the drug reservoir pad, to successfully phorese with the ActivaPatch.

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