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Active Compression Leg Wrap: Hind Legs, Pair (LW-ACH)
Active Compression Leg Wrap: Hind Legs, Pair (LW-ACH)
Active Compression Leg Wrap - Hind Legs
Pair of EquiCrown Fit Compression Bandages with Zipper.

The compression wraps provide ideal support for leg issues, and are wonderful as part of a complete system for ligament and tendon injuries. They are breathable and have compression, giving support to the leg without heating it up.

These EquiCrown brand of leg wraps are equine medical compression bandages specifically designed for horses. They are characterized by their perfect fit and precisely defined compression pressure, which contributes to faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and therefore removal of unwanted toxins. These breathable bandages are available a variety of sizes.
  • The precisely distributed, externally acting pressure activates the venous and lymphatic systems and promotes lymph drainage.
  • The pressure exerted by the EquiCrown compression bandage decreases from the bottom to the top (from the fetlock joint upwards).
  • Thanks to the special knitting technology used, the exact anatomical shape of the horse's leg can be taken into consideration to produce a well-defined compression pressure gradient while at the same time avoiding constriction of the leg.

Medium- Circumference middle of cannon bone: 9” to 9 ¾” Circumference middle of fetlock joint: 11 ¾” to 12 ½” Length: 13”
Large- Circumference middle of cannon bone: 9 ¾” to 10 ¼“ Circumference middle of fetlock joint: 12 ½“ to 13 ¼“ Length: 13“

When custom ordering send with the following measurements:
  • Fetlock (Ankle)
  • Center of Cannon Bone
  • Length from bottom of Fetlock to top of Cannon bone

Additional Information: Machine washable in mild detergent and machine dry. Products have 6 month warranty.

*** Note: Black is the only color we carry in stock, other colors can be custom ordered. Extra Long sizes do not come with Velcro top strap as pictured. ***

Contact us for shipping cost for international orders.

How long will the compression leg wraps last?
If worn close to continuously, such as for suspensory injuries or tendon injuries, on average the leg wraps will last one year.

What happens if the zipper or eyelets break?
Freshly washed wraps can be sent to the manufacturer for repair.You simply pay the shipping.

If I purchase the Silver Antibacterial model will the silver wash out?
No. It is impregnated into the material.
Upgrade Material Silver Antibacterial (allow extra 2-3 days for shipping) (+$56.00)
Price: $199.00

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