Therapy Class Dates for 2018

MicroCurrent & BodyWork Courses at Matrix Training Facility 

Class Dates are Now Available more to come

Winter is finally behind us, so it’s time to think about classes again. Every year we host several classes at our training facility in Oregon, offering two categories of focus. The first is on MicroCurrent, our foundation therapy, and the other is the BodyWork courses taught by Bambi Dore.

About BodyWork with Bambi

I find Bambi’s course different from other bodywork classes, in that the horse always comes first. This is refreshing to me as I have attended bodywork courses in the past in which the horses left looking worse than they arrived.

The way Bambi teaches you to look at a horse and give it a helping hand is a refreshing approach. Instead of magically whipping through a horse, we are learning how to really look at a horse in it’s present condition and then what to do about.

MicroCurrent as a Foundation Therapy

In the MicroCurrent classes, the focus is on what you can do with microcurrent to help just about any condition and make a difference in comfort and soundness. The Microcurrent classes are about specific treatments for various diagnosed conditions and whole body connectedness. The whole body connectedness teaches you various protocols to tie the core to the limbs and to have all functioning as a unit rather than isolated individual parts.

In the MicroCurrent class we have a list of protocols to cover, which means the treatments aren’t about your particular horse’s issues. Instead, it focuses on covering many methods that you will know how to do when you get home. Horses at the class will get some treatment that then can be followed up later with your own practice sessions.

2018 Matrix Class Dates

May 31- June 3rd  Micro 102- and Mod 1 BodyWork

July 19- July 22


MicroCurrent 101 Class

This is a one day in the barn practice class. No prior experience required for either 101 (one day)  or 102 (two day) format **

MicroCurrent 102 Class

The MicroCurrent 102 Class in the two day format is one day in the class room and the second day working on horses. And yes, you can bring a horse (sometimes two) with prior approval only. ** We also touch on all of the other therapies that Matrix represents that are complementary to MicroCurrent therapy.

Beginners may wish to read the book “MicroCurrent for Horses and other vital therapies” prior to the class to get the most from the class. Seasoned users coming for a review should bring their list of items for the Q & A periods.

For seasoned Best-Vet users wanting certification you’re welcome to take the written exam at the end of the class on day two. Basic training and completion of case studies are required prior to taking exam. Case studies need to be turned in 30 days prior to taking the class.

BodyWork Module 1: Symmetry = Success

This class is taught by Bambi Dore and is a two day format. The course materials introduce her unique blend of soft touch bodywork methods to help horses be their best selves structurally. With her 35 years of experience, the horses often leave taller, straighter, more comfortable in their bodies, and proportionally more correct after the two days they are here. She also incorporates various therapy tools. Learn more about Bambi and her Bodywork courses here.

Many have taken Module 1 more than once to perfect their skills. And though this is a formatted class, each workshop will see slight variations to address the particular horses’ needs.

Please Note: This is not a massage or Chiropractic classes.

BodyWork Module 2: Symmetry: Acupoint Body Mapping and Bodywork

Prerequisite is Module 1. This class is a continuation with more advanced bodywork techniques and with a section devoted to Acupoint training. Meridian charts in the workbook are specifically designed for this course.


Additional Information

** Horses must meet certain criteria for class usage. Contact Matrix at [email protected] or call 503-632-7187.

  1. These classes are only suitable for knowledgable horse persons that own or handle horses on a regular basis.
  2. No minor permitted unless pre-approved and attend with parent or  guardian.
  3. Classes are not setup for auditors or guests.
  4. Haul in with Living Quarters are welcome to stay over. Power hookup available. 
  5. Classes are small, so no refunds on Bodywork course. Credit for cancellation of MicroCurrent classes with 48 hour notice.
  6. Matrix has the right to refuse attendance to anyone for any reason. Safety, responsible, respectful students are expectations for positive class experiences.

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