Veterinary Iontophoresis Drug Chart

Iontophoresis Delivery System

The following are medications list that was complied by Dr. Timothy M. Dyke, Senior Research Associate and Richard A. Sams Director Analytical Toxicology Laboratory College of Veterinary Medicine The Ohio State University Columbus Ohio.

* Being tested over the last 3yrs by Randy Lee D.V.M. Countryside Veterinary Service Ridgefield WA Depo-Medrol is in suspension, as a larger molecule it has not been proven to be a fully phoresable drug, however being tested for possible slower absorption for longer lasting effect. Dosage .5cc along with 1.5cc-3cc Dexemethasone.

Drug Solution

Commercially Available Concentration

Total Concentration
in 6 mls




Phenybutazone 200 mg / ml 1200 mg Anti Inflammatory Neg
Flunixin Meglumine 50 mg / ml 300 mg Anti Inflammatory Neg
Ketoprofen 100 mg / ml 600 mg Anti Inflammatory Neg


Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 4 or 10 mg/ml 12 or 24 mg Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Neg
Betamethasone 4 mg/ml 24 mg Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Neg
Prednisolone sodium succinate 10 or 50/ml 60 or 300 mg Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Neg
Depo-Medrol* 40 mg/ml 240 mg Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Neg


Gentamicin sulfate 50 or 100 mg/ml 300 or 600 mg Gram negative infections Pos
Amikacin sulfate 50 mg/ml 300 mg Gram negative infections Pos
Celliofur sodium 50 mg/ml 300 mg Gram negative infections Pos

Local Anesthetics

Lidocaine hydrochloride 20 mg/ml 120 mg Regional anesthetic Pos
Sarapin* 50 ml vial 300 mg Regional anesthetic Pos


Saline Solution** NA NA NA Neg
Apple Cider Vinegar** NA NA NA Pos

** Offered as old time recipe for calcium deposits. Or use saline to fill pad to run Neg first the run then run postive drug of your choice. Chart references 6/ml dosages for the Empii 6/ml buffered pad. Using the IOMED SSC (Silver-Silver Chloride) delivers higher levels of medication. PH of drug solution remains unchanged. With phoresor use the 3.5cc drug reservoir pad and almost half the amount of medication.