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Iontophoresis Therapy

 Delivering Medication using Microcurrent

Iontophoresis (pronounced “ion-toe-for-ree-suss) is the method of transferring medications through the skin using electrical current. This serves a dual purpose of administering drugs without the risks of needles, as well as treating with the healing benefits of low-level electrical stimulation.

Iontophoresis refers to applying special patches with medication added, which has been prescribed by your veterinarian. The patches are activated by small amounts of electrical current. Iontophoresis is noninvasive and provides diffused delivery of medications. Also, iontophoresis does not cause tissue damage and does not cause infections as needles can.

Why Phorese?

Iontophoresis is a highly effective treatment with many benefits. A few reasons to phorese include helping to smooth the rough edges of calcified joints (i.e. for treating ringbone) and soothing irritated ligaments (i.e. an ankle’s annular ligaments). For horses that receive joint injections, phoresing is an excellent noninvasive replacement to regular injections. Simply apply the drug reservoir pads directly over the injection site and begin phoresing. Treatment times will vary depending on the method you use.

Benefits & Applications

  • Iontophoresis can bring back horses suffering from suspensory ligament injuries, ring bone, sore heels, shin splints, puffy ankles (annular ligament syndrome), and more.
  • For horses that have had unsuccessful treatments with other therapies, such as shockwave and stem cell, iontophoresis provides healing support. If used first, it can often heal the injuries on its own.
  • Phoresing your horse enhances the benefits of microcurrent by further reducing pain and inflammation, providing more relief than microcurrent alone.
  • Horses get sore from constant injections and the injections don’t always resolve the issue. Phoresing can be used to relieve injection sites or as an effective and noninvasive alternative to regular injections.

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