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Matrix Certified Best-Vet Instructors

Helping People Heal Horses Matrix Best-Vet Certification Program

Training people how to effectively and safely use the Best-Vet

Our goal is to spread the knowledge (and training) of the advanced biofeedback Best-Vet device. Equestrians in every discipline should know about the at-home therapy tools they can use to help their horses, and have therapists available for full treatments. For body workers, adding microcurrent therapy can greatly reduce their physical strain, which improves career longevity while multiplying the benefits to the horse. 
If you love horses and enjoy helping people, finding problems, and healing horses, then the Certified Best-Vet Instructor program is for you. A Certified Best-Vet Instructor has the knowledge and ability to treat horses safely and effectively with the Best-Vet device. They are also qualified to teach individuals how to use the device for personal use on their own horses.
The Best-Vet and Best-Vet Pro are easy to operate and the treatments are physically undemanding, which is ideal for equine therapists. The Instructor Certification Program is about using the Best-Vet and Best-Vet Pro for veterinary use in a safe manner and using various techniques for optimal results.

Matrix Best-Vet Certified Instructors


Sandee Foster
(Instructor & Therapist)
Maupin, OR
Phone: (503) 318-3710

Ashley Powers
(Instructor & Therapist)
Oregon City, OR
Phone: (503) 969-9757 
Email: [email protected]

Tamy Ryan
Office: (503) 610-1229
Cell: (503) 944-9277
Email: [email protected] 


Mary Lou Langley
(Instructor & Therapist)
Langley Equine Studies & Massage School
Approved School for WA Equine Massage 
Soap Lake, WA
Phone: (509) 246-8053
E-mail: [email protected]

Kimberlie Lightfoot
Republic, WA
Phone: (509) 782-9653
E-mail: [email protected]


Christie Hebert
(Instructor & Therapist)
Wickenburg, AZ
Phone: (307) 247-5359
Email: [email protected] 

Mary Rainwater 
Saddleback Equine Therapies, AZ
Phone: 541-977-9032
Email: [email protected]


Tina Ann Riddle
(Therapist & Instructor)
TnT Ranch – Greenfield, IN
Phone: (317) 374-2176
Email: [email protected]

Puerto Rico

Kellie Stobie 
Phone: (787) 426-0845
Email: [email protected]