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MicroCurrent Therapy Course

The Matrix Therapy Product School’s focus is on microcurrent therapy and the advanced biofeedback Best-Vet device; however it also reflects the importance of incorporating complementary therapy tools. All other complementary offered by Matrix are touched such as light, soundwave, and iontophoresis. The courses are great for professional practitioners or individuals who simply want to maintain their own horses.


About Deborah Powell

Deborah Powell and her horse
Deborah Powell and her horse, Prince, in 2012.

Deborah Powell is the author of MicroCurrent for Horses & Other Vital Therapies and MicroCurrent for Dogs, and the president of Matrix Therapy Products. Deborah has been in the electronics industry with her husband since 1974 and has owned, cared for, and ridden her own horses for decades.

In the early 90s, her discovery of microcurrent led to a melding of her knowledge of electronics and her passion to fix broken horses. After seeing the effectiveness of microcurrent, Deborah wanted to share this knowledge with others, which led to her stocking, selling, and training others how to use microcurrent and other complimentary tools.

In 2008, Deborah authored MicroCurrent for Horses, and released an updated version in 2012. MircoCurrent for Dogs was released in 2014.