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Tuning Forks Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Tuning are very relaxing way to incorporate a soothing treatment without much work for the user. It’s uncomplicated and pure in a sense that no machine is required. Tuning forks become an extension of your hands without the work of using your body in traditional massage. The treatments produce a light massage with gentle vibrations penetrating deeply to help unwind the fascia.

Body workers can use tuning forks to create vibration, this energy is said to have a healing affect by relaxing muscles and soothing irritated nerves. Tuning forks have the dimensions, weight, and general structure to produce a pure set frequency when activated. It is both a visual and physical experience with a manual application.

Most tuning forks are made of aluminum and the length of the prongs determines the pitch (frequency). When tapped, the two prongs vibrate, producing sound waves. Matrix’s tuning forks have custom handles for added comfort while being held and for longer resonance time than tuning forks without the handles.

Benefits & Applications

  • Soothing treatment
  • Helps release tightly bound fascia
  • Preparation for chiropractic or massage work
  • Treat any area that is tight, bound, locked, or sore
  • Stimulate acupoints on the Chinese meridian system

    FAQ :  Matrix Tuning Forks 

    Q. Why do you only make the 64 HZ now? Relative to tuning forks low frequency does the best job reaching deeper into the tissue for a fully relaxing experience.

    Q. I already have a set of tuning forks, can I buy your handles for mine?
    Fork handle diameters are not built to a standard. Each batch of forks from various manufacturers varies in fractions in the circumference. These variances means the handles will be loose or too tight. We specifically make each batch of handles to go with each batch of tuning forks.

    Q.  Can I send you my forks to have you make handles for them? No, it’s too costly and too many motions for small production runs. 

    Q.   Do you believe in the attributes assigned to different tuning fork frequencies?
    No.  It’s mostly made up to sell more forks. But, they can still have feel good factor.  Since we specialize in equine therapy efficiency is important and found the 64 HZ accomplishes that.

    Q.   How do horses benefit? A tight horse is harder to adjust. It is also more work for a massage therapist. Tuning Forks immediately help relax the tissue. Forks can be a session on their own merit or prep before bodywork starts. They are also a nice finish to relax the body after the bodywork has been done.

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