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MCT Patches

Reusable Patches for
24/7 Pain Relief & HealingMatrix MCT microcurrent patches

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SL-50 Laser

Light-Weight, Handheld
Light Therapy Tool
SL-50 Laser light therapy tool

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For Horses & Pets. Easy to apply
and no setup required.

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Welcome to Matrix Therapy Products

We specialize in Microcurrent Therapy: using low level electrical stimulation in the microamperage range (the low end of TENS).

You will find we have one of the largest selections of microcurrent (TENS) instruments anywhere. Plus, browsing our site you will find an array of other complimentary physical therapy tools to enhance injury recovery. You will find all of our products are safe and non-invasive to use. We specialize in Equine Microcurrent Therapy packages, which in many cases are also appropriate for dogs and other animals.

One of the most powerful benefits from using microcurrent (TENS) therapy products is the new level of connection that is gained by becoming the giver of an interactive healing treatment. Many customers comment on the benefits of this heightened closeness.

Microcurrent is part of the TENS electrical current range (TENS=Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). Microamperes provide an accumulative healing effect, whereas Milliamperes block pain but have virtually no healing effect.

At Matrix Therapy Products you will receive the best quality, price, and selection. We offer a full range of therapy products, from self-powered disposables to professional clinic units.

We also offer a variety of training courses that cover all aspects of equine therapy at affordable prices.

Contact Us By Phone: 503-632-7187. By Email:

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