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Welcome to our Equine Therapy Products! Our brands: Matrix Best-Vet III, MicroPlus, Arc Equine, Matrix Lasers, Rainbow Meridian Light Therapy, SoundWave Massager, Thermotex Infrared Blanket, VibraVM® Medicine Free Respiratory Device,Tuning Forks, Blade, PEMF Rings, Matrix MicroCurrent Therapy Patches and more.  


Matrix Product Categories

Matrix Therapy Courses

Whether you are a horse trainer, an equine therapist, or an owner; equestrians of all kinds and the horses in their lives will benefit from the techniques and knowledge gain from these courses!  Microcurrent Classes are taught by Deborah Powell and our certified therapist.  Microcurrent is our foundational therapy, complimentary therapies such as Light Therapy, SoundWave therapy, and more are covered in Matrix’s classes. 

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