Case Study: Wound Healed with Microcurrent, Light, & Infrasound

Case study on a severe injury, as reported and shared by Kellie Stobie.

For many issues, selecting just one type of therapy can be sufficient to resolve the problem successfully. But for some types of injuries, combining several therapies can make all the difference in achieving a fast and healthy recovery.

One of Matrix’s customers, a practicing equine therapist and Certified in Best Vet microcurrent therapy, recently healed a deep wound using microcurrent, light, and infrasound.

The Injury

A two-year-old colt was being ponied at the track, but he startled and broke away. He tried to jump the side rail and landed on top of it with his front right leg.

As is visible in the pictures, the horse was severely cut in the armpit area – the gash was about 5 inches deep and approximately 7 inches in length. Attempts were made to stitch the area, but would not hold because of the movement of the leg. The area through the shoulder, neck, and back became extremely swollen, and the tissue was filled with air, which made a crackly sound like bubble wrap. There were additional injuries, but the armpit was the most significant.


The Treatments

During the first week, the horse received light therapy treatments with the Matrix Laser twice daily. Because of the severity of the wound, he was too sensitive for direct contact, so microcurrent was unable to be used.

In the second week, the SoundWave massager was incorporated and used around the shoulder area to address the swelling, and the Matrix Laser continued to be used to encourage quick, healthy healing. Then, in the third week, the horse was treated with microcurrent from the GV 14 acupoint to a silver knit sleeve on the horse’s ankle and regular treatments with the laser.

Due to the horse being a young and difficult-to-treat patient, the sessions were kept to around 10 minutes, although ideally, they would have been longer. At the time of publication, the wound was treated with the Matrix SL-50 Laser (the SL-50 is an older model- see new VCL 100) two times a week for 10-minute sessions.

The primary wound, on the day it happened.

After three weeks & around 16 treatments.

The Result

After three weeks, the picture to the right was taken. Over this time, the horse received approximately 16 treatments, each around 10 minutes. Everyone involved has been pleased with the fast results.  By combining light, infrasound, and microcurrent, the horse received a combination of benefits that successfully healed the wound. On the fifth week, the vet evaluated the horse and gave the “okay” to return to training. Initially, the vet had said it would be a four-month recovery time.

While all three therapies can reduce swelling, provide pain relief, and support healing, each has its specialty. Because the horse was a sensitive and hard-to-treat patient, the SoundWave and Matrix Laser were ideal because they could provide relief without touching the horse. Along with the benefits of microcurrent, the SoundWave Infrasound Massager could quickly reduce large swellings, and the light promoted fast collagen production and wound closing.

Each issue and the horse you’re treating is slightly different, so it is important to adapt to the situation and select therapy tools to achieve the best results.

Thank you to Kellie Stobie, a Matrix customer and a Certified Best Vet Instructor from Puerto Rico, for sharing this case study and photos. 

By Matrix Therapy Products, updated 2023

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