Cynthia’s Senior Dog “Feel Good” Method

We received a wonderful testimonial about out new Silver Knit Canine Cuffs. It brought up an excellent point of combining different therapies for maximum results. So we thought we would share!


“Thank you for designing and making the silver knit wraps for dogs, love them!

Makes it so much easier than fussing with electrodes. My dogs are cool with electrodes but they’re much easier to use if the dog is apprehensive about electrodes! It they slip off they are so quick and easy to get back on!

Here is Elmer. He’s got Best Vet going with the Canine Cuffs on his legs with Sound Wave going on his back. As you can see he is absolutely happy, relaxed and greatly benefiting from the therapy.”

-Cynthia McClellan, BA,MMCP,EMC,CSF Florida 



The Matrix Ultra Low Soundwave Massager (aka Qi Machines ) emits  ultra low sound waves  and  frequencies below 20 Hz. The Matrix Ultra Low Soundwave device has a hi/low option in the 8-14 Hz range, producing a valuable therapy for dramatically reducing fresh swellings, relaxing tight muscles and relieving soreness. The Soundwave works by encouraging the dog’s own system to release endorphins which reduces pain and also causes the body to release natural cortisone to reduce swelling. Additionally acute injuries respond very well to soundwave therapy and Matrix Ultra Low Soundwave Massager helps resolve injuries more readily by removing toxins and increasing blood supply.

 Why use both the Best-Vet III & the Soundwave Together?

Both the BVIII & the SoundWave compliment each other nicely!

They both have similar frequencies. The Soundwave soothing like a massager, and the BV is more about stimulating healing and has a relaxing feel. The two together is a dynamite combination!