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EquiCrown Leg Bandages

The EquiCrown leggings are breathable bandages that do not heat up the leg.

There are two versions of the leg bandages and more than one style. The model FITS was originally designed to help with lymphatic system and has true compression similar to the

types of compression garments for people. They are snug and very supportive in soft breathable

materials with a percentage of eleastins for support and enough give for the horse live in them when necessary. 

For horses with severe ligament damage or tendon damage and even some fractures the model called FITS for lymphedema has been ideal for the 24/7 comfortable support. FITS are recognized by their front zipper and eyelet system or eyelets only.  They also come in an antibacterial version called Equicrown Silver FITS.

FITS were in multiple colors and the FITS style with a double row of eyelets can be used

on to help with snugging up as reduction in swelling occurs.

Another model of Equicrown bandages are called Actives that are black with green accents

on side and ankle and have a side zipper.  Actives were designed as an alternative to polo wraps

for day use. 

Measurements prior to ordering are necessary for correct fit.  Three measurements of the leg

are taken and compared to the EquiCrown Sizing Chart.

  1. Length of the cannon bone from just below the knee to bottom of fetlock. Take this

        measurement from the side. Do not take from the back of the leg and tuck under the


2.    Measure the circumference of the center of the cannon bone.

3.    Measure the circumference of the fetlock (ankle). 

4.    Check the chart for the size needed.

Swollen legs will reduce in size, particularly if supported with therapies like micorcurrent therapy. New leg wraps will be needed as the leg changes. Life expectancy of the wraps when worn 24/7 is 6 months to a year depending on the horse. Most last one year especially if getting the supportive therapy.  It’s recommended to have a second pair for washing and rotation.

Update: Due to Covid 19 production in the USA has stopped. Sizes, colors, and FITS model are limited. For the latest news see the notations posted in the shopping cart for the various models.

Matrix Therapy Products does not specifically stock the Actives at this time. However, we do

have a few pairs available.