Equine AcuPoints App: Review

App by Tallgrass Publishers, LLC

Reviewed by Matrix Therapy Products. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

About the App

The Equine AcuPoint app (download – Apple, Android) is an easy-to-use app that is a great tool to use as a reference when out in the field and to learn more about acupoints. The app has three basic navigation items on the bottom of the screen – Meridians, Classification, and Conditions. When you tap a menu option it gives a list of the items in that category, which can then be clicked for more information. Each acupoint and all 12 meridians have an overview as well as a picture with the point(s) on a real horse. Additionally, you can search through the list of 10 categories of conditions to view acupoints that are ideal for that type of issue.

Practical Use

The Equine AcuPoints app is a great tool for practitioners as well as individuals. The therapy tools and treatments taught and suggested by Matrix often incorporates the use of acupoints for protocols and selecting treatment areas. For many people it is daunting to learn where the acupoints are, what conditions they coincide with, etc. However, for the purpose of treating with microcurrent, infrasound, and light therapies – it is not necessary to be an expert. This is where the Equine AcuPoints app comes into play. This app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, gives you a reference point and a quick peak at the meridians and acupoints, all in the palm of your hand.

This app can be downloaded for just $14.99, and then you can have access to equine acupressure points and meridians any time you’re treating your horse.

Menu Screen Shot

Example of points for Respiratory Conditions


Bladder Meridian shown on a horse.

About the Bl 12 Acupoint (enables you to click on picture to view acupoint on the horse)

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