Galli: Treatments with Bodywork, Microcurrent & VibraVM

Horse: Galli, a rescue Paint/Draft Cross gelding, 15-17 years old

Treatment: Bodywork, Microcurrent, & VibraVM

Galli was passed along quite a bit in his lifetime and ended up with my Grandma as a rescue project. His back was pretty severely dropped and painful, coupled with the fact that he appeared to be unable to take deep regular breaths. His breathing was very quick, shallow and erratic. We did a combination of microcurrent treatments with the Silver Knit Back Pad, the Thermotex Blanket, and the Qi Gong Machine. We also had Bambi Dore do a couple bodywork sessions on him where she discovered that his rib cage was tipped downwards and to the right. He also had diaphragm and abdominal spasms. She recommended him to have 3 months off of work and we continued to do a combination of the microcurrent, Qi Gong Machine, and Thermotex.

After a couple months, I participated in Bambi’s Symmetry = Success Courses. I brought Galli with me as a horse to be worked on during the class. His back and rib cage was much improved from the last time Bambi worked on him, but he still had some abdominal and diaphragm spasms that needed work. His breathing seemed to settle after the bodywork but it was also suggested that we try the Vibra VM, which is a therapy tool that uses sound wave frequency and percussion to help with lung conditions.

Over the course of the weekend we did three Vibra VM treatments. I thought he would take quite a bit of time to get accustomed to the noises the machine made but he really seemed to enjoy the treatment; especially the massage mode. After each treatment he would blow his nose out and had quite a bit of drainage. The day after his last treatment he continued to drain a bit from his nose but the biggest change was the fact that he was already breathing deeper and more regular! We will continue his lung treatments by using the Microcurrent for Bleeders Guide and hopefully continue the forward progress with his breathing!

Sandee Foster helping Galli with his first VibraVM treatment.