Has your horse stopped using salt licks?

My horses used to regularly go through the salt licks purchased from my local feed stores. I usually kept both the plain and mineral salt blocks accessible at all times so the horses could take their pick.

It was not until 2 years ago when acquiring a 22 year old Thoroughbred that refused to touch salt blocks that I noticed all of the horses were not eating salt blocks like they use to. The previous owner of the 22 year old said she also noticed he would not touch salt blocks and assumed his needs were being met with hay, grain, and pasture. A year later, another horse joined
our herd and this paint also refused to touch the salt blocks. They would pitched them around the stall to get them out of way.

Further discussions with friends said they were finding the same thing happening with their horse’s salt licks. Some thought they were just lasting longer. OOPS… It appears it’s a real problem happening right before our eyes. We all know salt intake is crucial to good health. I had already found the solution when the latest paint came in and mimicked the salt block refusal like the Thoroughbred. I offered the new guy our new organic salt and he ate salt like crazy for a few days, now he consumes a normal amount on a regular basis.

The simple solution was to get rid of the toxic salt blocks and buy only naturally organic loose (or block mineral salt). The Redmond Brand of Natural Trace Mineral Salt (NTM) has been around for 40 years. It costs a little more which may explain why it’s harder to find in some parts of the country. All I know is when the feed store I was using stopped carrying NTM, I had
to do something about it. Especially, when my friends and customers were having the same problem I was sourcing NTM salt.

Pure mined Rock Salt tastes better, it is free of chemicals, heating additives, aftertaste bitterness and pollutants. Stock prefer natural mineral salt and it is more economical because it lasts longer. It is the best natural trace mineral salt available for cows, sheep, horses, goats, and deer. Listed for use in organic production by Organic Materials Review Institute. Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt is almost pure salt (95% sodium chloride), yet it provides livestock with many needed trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, iodine, iron, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and about 40 other trace minerals in minute amounts. Redmond’s unique flecks of color are the result of all the natural trace minerals essential to the body.

I do not know how wide spread the problem is, but there is definitely a problem with the quality of some brands of salt blocks being sold to us for our horses. I urge everyone to check out the salt you are feeding your horses.

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