SoundWave Massagers: For People

Acupressure Point Chart – Infrasound for People

Applying Infrasound Therapy to the following acupressure points (see diagram) relieves pain for the corresponding areas listed below.

  1. Lower back, emergency pressure point – fainting, unconsciousness
  2. Coughing, hoarseness, sore throat, immune system
  3. Respiratory, chest cold, asthma, letting go / grief release
  4. Neck, shoulder, back, bones
  5. Pulmonary weakness, cough, chest pain, fluid buildup
  6. Mid-thoracic tension, blood, skin, heart
  7. Arm, skin
  8. Respiratory
  9. Upper abdomen
  10. Hand, ear
  11. Chest, heart, lungs, ribs
  12. Neck
  13. Emergency Pressure point – anxiety heart palpitations
  14. Face, head, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth
  15. Lower abdomen, bladder, intestines, male/female organs, energy storehouse
  16. Lower back, leg
  17. Leg, knee, muscles, tendons
  18. Upper abdomen, energizing point
  19. Lower abdomen, large intestine, bladder, male/female organs
  20. Foot, leg, upper back
  21. Chest, ribs, depression, nervous system


Note: Points located on extremities apply to either the left or right side. FDA approves these types of devices only for temporary relief of pain. Information shared here doesn’t mean a cure or claims of such. Consult your practitioner for any concerns about using this device. 

Article Updated November 2023