Matrix Therapy Products: Tips & Info for Equine Use

Changing Microcurrent Unit Batteries

For units requiring 9-volt batteries it is recommend to change the battery after every 18 hours of use or to use a volt ohmmeter to confirm the battery output is above 8 volts. The lights will dim as the battery looses voltage and will go out completely when the battery is dead. If you treat in the later stages (below 8.5 volts) of battery life the unit is not operating at full capacity and treatment is diminished.

Self Adhesive Electrodes

The film covering pad electrodes is sticky, and on some horses this layer will cook off quickly. At this point you can throw away this layer and apply Tac Gel to make pads sticky again. You can also just use the pad electrodes with a non-sticky surface and add conductive gel. The electrode is still good because stickiness is not necessary for treatment, it just helps hold the pads in place while affixing with tape. With or without stickiness you still need conductive gel when treating horses.

Black Carbon Electrodes

The 1.5” x 3.5” black carbon electrodes are very durable and are perfect for horses’ withers and other heavy use areas, as well as for treating dogs. We do not stock large carbon electrodes because they come in a limited amount of sizes that meet microcurrent requirements. For example, 3-inch carbon rounds sold with E-Stim devices seldom pass microamperage adequately.

Alternative to Tape – Strap-Its

Strap-Its are stretchy elastic strips with Velcro ends. Each kit comes with eight straps in various sizes that are great for securing electrodes on legs and holding wires out of the way.

Keep Masking Tape Fresh

To help keep the tape sticky, store in a Ziploc bag between uses.

Choosing the Right Conductive Gel

Moisture must be maintained for current to pass through animal hair during a microcurrent treatment. Matrix Gel with Arnica is ideal when treating very sore areas, inflammation, and areas in spasm. Also, Matrix Gel contains Sonigel for increased conductivity. Both of these ingredients will add to the quality of your treatments. Be careful to avoid using Arnica products that contain caustic ingredients. Caustic ingredients, such as Witch Hazel, may irritate the skin. For general use, any high viscosity ultrasound /TENS gel works nicely. Plain Aloe Gel works well too, but may require checking for dryness if treatments are over 15 to 20 minutes.

Silver Knit Products

Silver knit products will last for years. Over time the leg wraps will start to fray on the edges. All silver knit products can be machine washed then air-dried. Do not put away wet.


For wires and other small items, just return with a note. Depending on the issue, there may or may not be a charge. Matrix shop time charges an hourly rate plus parts and you pay shipping both ways. If having an instrument problem, call ahead first because we may be able to help resolve it over the phone. Also, in many cases we are able to do repairs on related therapy products not purchased from Matrix, which might no longer have a support system. For these items, you must get prior approval before sending. On products purchased directly from Matrix Therapy Products with a problem discovered directly out of the box (DOA), then Matrix will pay the return shipping charge.

Animal usage voids many factory warranties due to the environment they are used in. However, with years in this business Matrix products have proved to be quite durable when used responsibly.

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