Tim Smith: Founder of Avazzia, Inc. & BEST Devices

The Avazzia Best-Vet device is a highly advanced therapy product engineered by Tim Smith. Smith was senior Vice-President of Engineering for Texas Instruments and designed and invented products now found in cell phones, military fighter jets, the Space Shuttle, and computers.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Smith began working for Texas Instruments where he led the design team that developed integrated circuit chips for the Poseidon, Minuteman Missiles, and the chips that helped land the Apollo Astronauts on the Moon and successfully bring them home. Smith went on to invent the Low Power Schottky, and this product line became the foundation for computer and telecommunication industries. The Low Power Schottky product line is now an integral part of nearly every major computer system in the western world. Today, anyone who has ever used a cellphone, flown in an airplane, or used a computer has reaped the benefits of Smith’s inventions.

After leaving a legacy of developments at Texas Instruments, Smith decided to focus on creating an effective, easy-to-use device to treat pain in both humans and animals. In 2004 Smith founded the company Avazzia, Inc, “as a platform to develop high technology medical electronic therapeutic and diagnostic devices, especially emphasizing an electronic answer to the problem of pain” (Avazzia, Inc 2009).

The Avazzia BEST products, including the Best-Vet, are the result of Smith’s dream to combine modern technology with modern medicine to provide practical solutions to health issues. Smith’s vision to improve electronic function has advanced microcurrent devices and brought them down to an affordable price.

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