Video: Matrix Mini Roller Electrode

Roll your horse to relief with the Matrix Mini Roller. The Mini Roller Electrode is a massage tool by itself, best used when connected to a microcurrent stimulator. With a microcurrent therapy device, the Mini Roller is one part of a two-part setup. It offers versatility to your treatments and is a must-have for microcurrent users. Great for necks, shoulders, back, hips, and legs.

The Matrix Mini Roller: Rolling massage plus microcurrent gives your horse a dynamic treatment.

First, make sure your treatment area is wet. Connect the mini roller and return electrode to your microcurrent device. In the video, we use a silver knit glove electrode for the return. An alternative to traditional hands-on massage. Use varying strokes and pressure all over the body.

The Mini Roller is great for tightening Wind Puffs. Use long strokes over and around swollen areas. Combine the Mini Roller with the Matrix Leg Wrap to really target lower leg problems. Smooth and break down scar tissue. Use firm, short, criss-crossing strokes.

The Mini Roller can be useed with any return electrode, including the Matrix Back Pad. And there are adapters available to fit your wires.

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