A Quick Look at Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Questions answered about FSM: Frequency Specific Microcurrent

The Method of Frequency Specific Microcurrent

When people are first learning about microcurrent therapy, sometimes questions come up about FSM, which stands for Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Over the years, I have had many people asking about FSM, how it works, whether it can be used for animals, and various other lines of inquiry.

The most important thing to note is that FSM is simply a method of using microcurrent therapy, which is the use of low-level electrical stimulation in the microamperes range. Matrix Therapy teaches the use of a wide variety of microcurrent treatment methods and techniques, however Frequency Specific Microcurrent is not one of them.

Why Not FSM?

Because our primary focus is on treating animals, Matrix likes to use the lower, softer frequencies – rather than the higher frequencies that FSM practitioners often use. The reason for Matrix’s decision is that over the past decades we have found that the conditions we treat respond extremely well to the lower frequencies, rather than the high ones often used with FSM.

Additionally, when treating horses and other animals there is even less validation for needing high frequencies to achieve the benefits of microcurrent therapy. In some cases, animals dislike the higher range and will find it uncomfortable, which can also be true for sensitive people. Matrix has found that the FSM method of administering microcurrent therapy is not necessary or applicable for treating animals.

It is also important to note that the benefits stated by Frequency Specific Method research are the same as the benefits from other methods of microcurrent application. For example:

  • Reduces inflammation,
  • Decreases scar tissue,
  • Relieves muscle soreness,
  • Provides pain relief,
  • Assists a wide range of people and animal conditions.

A treatment session with microcurrent can provide all of these benefits, it is not necessary to only use a specific frequency for just one benefit.

The concept behind FSM is reminiscent of the frequency list developed by Royal Rife starting in the 1930s. Matrix has found that other methods are often simpler and just as effective, especially when using devices with newer technology and delivery systems.

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