All New: Back Pad Electrode for Horses

We wanted an easier way for you to treat your horse. So we developed the Matrix Silver Knit Back Pad.

Electrode custom designed by Matrix Therapy Products in 2015

A new therapy accessory is available that makes treating your horse’s back as easy as throwing on a saddle pad. Matrix Therapy Products introduces the all-new luxurious Silver Knit Back Pad electrode for use with microcurrent therapy.

The saddle-pad style electrode is adjustable to fit horses of different sizes and wither shapes. To provide the soothing therapy treatment, the Back Pad is secured to the horse and connected to any animal-appropriate microcurrent therapy device.

This therapist-inspired Back Pad was designed to address sore withers and back issues, as well as the all important rib cage. Up until now a body worker or massage therapist had to use glove electrodes to treat a horse’s ribcage with microcurrent therapy, but the new Back Pad allows for hands-free treatment sessions. An added benefit of the Back Pad is that it can be connected to leg wrap electrodes and other accessories for a whole body therapy session.

With the introduction of the Back Pad, all the crucial areas are treated at once in a few easy-to-do steps. The instruction manual includes 14 treatment variations incorporating the Matrix Silver Knit Back Pad.

Image 1: Back Pad Electrode treatment. Microcurrent device is secured in the removable pouch and Back Pad has been fitted to avoid gapping.
Image 2: Underside of the Back Pad, showing the two large silver knit electrode sections.

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