Best-Vet Treatments: Using Accessories

The Best-Vet is a highly versatile microcurrent treatment unit.

If you’re looking to locate areas of pain or sorenss, it is ideal to use the comb electrode. However, if giving a maintenance treatment or sore spots are already known, then the treatment possibilities are endless. Below are a just a few examples of a few treatment areas and accessories you can use with the Best-Vet to treat your horses. Shown are the comb E-Pen Acupoint Probe, the Matrix Mini Roller, Acupoint Probes, pad electrodes, and the Comb Electrode. As well as a few examples of using the Best-Vet to treat your dog.

Acupoint E-Pen (E-Pen)

Combined positive/negative electrode acupoint probe, designed specifically for Best-Vet. No return electrode required. Shown treating the Ting Points on the coronet band, as well as shoulder points.

Best-Vet with Comb (E-Comb)

Combined positive/negative electrode comb, designed specifically for Best-Vet. No return electrode required.

Combing the shoulder and elbow area.

Treating and checking for soreness on the neck.

Treating the front leg.

Checking for saddle soreness while treating the back.

Combing the hindquarters.

The Best-Vet finding soreness on the Ting Points.

Mini Roller (MR-100), Acupoint Probes (PR-PT), Pad Electrodes

The Best-Vet can be attached to any type of electrodes, such as the Mini Roller, Acupoint Probes, pad electrodes, and all silver knit products (see Silver Knit Treatments for examples). NOTE: All of these electrodes require a return, meaning two electrodes must be used for the current to flow through the body.

Mini Roller on the neck, can be used anywhere on body.

Acupoint Probes used to treat knee points.

Topline treatment with Acupoint Probes, for sore backs.

Best-Vet secured to surcingle for use with pad electrodes, croup electrode (positive) split to hind legs (negative).

Best-Vet Dog Treatments

The Best-Vet can be used to treat dogs (and other animals) using any type of electrode. Be sure to have a return electrode unless using one of the combined positive/negative electrodes. NOTE: Dog fur and undercoats are very thick, therefore a lot of moisture is necessary to reach the skin.

Using the comb electrode to treat a dog’s hind leg.

Treating a dog’s topline with Acupoint Probes connected to the Best-Vet microcurrent device.

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