Book: Microcurrent for Horses

2nd Edition MicroCurrent for Horses (and other vital therapies you should know)
By Deborah A. Powell

MicroCurrent for Horses (and Other Vital Therapies You Should Know) by Deborah Powell focuses on low level electrical stimulation and other complementary therapies for improving injury recovery, reducing the injury recovery costs, injury prevention, and optimizing performance. It is a reference book for professionals and horse owners interested in Microcurrent Therapy. It explores the past and present methods of this amazing therapy as well as many other complimentary therapies. With the addition of the many other therapies you can dramatically improve your results.

This book is a real how-to guide that reveals what many have paid thousands to learn in courses. The users of this knowledge will be empowered to tackle horse lameness issues with confidence. The reader will learn how to be more proactive in the care of their horses, saving money and down time. Expensive treatments such as shock-wave, joint injections, and surgery may not be the only options. Everyday new users discover how helpful these methods are for tendons, ligaments, hoof problems, body soreness, and much more. There are simply too many barns with unsound horses that need not be.

The chapters cover microcurrent techniques both traditional physical therapy and Chinese Medicine methods. (ie: pads, rollers, glove work, water, needles, and non-needle acupuncture.) Other chapters are on iontophoresis, infrasound, infrared heat, light therapy, acupuncture, case studies, by conditions, treatment charts, dogs, and more!

This book is designed for enjoyable reading for the horse owner, physiotherapists, therapists, and veterinarians. It is loaded with pictures, charts, illustrations for quick reference for the various treatments. There are less intimidating quick-step acupuncture methods and point charts for fast results. Most methods and products covered can be used on other animals as well – this book is a serious wealth of information!

The 2nd Edition includes new tips, updated protocols, new images, and new products. The 280-page, complete and fully-illustrated book covers all of the therapies used offered by Matrix.

Book Specifications

  • 280 pages, 31 chapters, 8.5×11″ Paperback Book
  • Filled with over 200 fully illustrated pages with photos drawings, treatment chats, and a glossary
  • Includes treatment recommendations for 53 equine conditions
  • Treatment protocols for microcurrent devices and various electrodes, along with light, infrasound, iontophoresis, needle-free acupuncture, and more.