Choosing the Right Gel

Selecting the Right Gel for Electrical Stimulation (Microamperage)

It is necessary when treating animals is to create a constant moisture barrier between the electrode and the animal’s skin. The moisture from the gel or water provides the medium for electron flow. Without a moisture barrier the treatment will be both irritating and non-effective. Gels are preferred because only using water can be messy and tends to dry to fast. Gels are a thicker consistency and can last the duration of a treatment while keeping the session comfortable and productive.

Matrix Arnica Gel and Up/Gel

If the range of current being used is inappropriate, then no matter what gel is used the treatment will be uncomfortable, irritating, and unproductive. For treating animals the safest and most pleasurable current is microamperage. For the purpose of enhancing healing, only electrical current in the microamperage range should be used in 99% of the cases.

Choosing the correct gel for the job means having a successful treatment or not. Gels produced for the medical industry are specially made with features such as non- irritating, non-staining, hypoallergenic, medicinal or not, and come in a variety of viscosity’s and conduciveness. These gels will work just fine in treatments for animals as well.

The general rule is that you want the gel to last as long as the treatment. Not having to re-apply during a session saves time and the possible discomfort from skin and hair becoming too dry while electrical stimulation is being delivered. Choosing a high viscosity gel is your best choice. This means it will maintain its thickness longer. Plain aloe vera gel will work, but the breakdown will be much faster than a gel made for electrical stimulation treatments.

We supply our customers with a good standard high viscosity gel for economy and a medicinal gel with arnica and other herbs in a high viscosity base. The Matrix Gel with arnica brings aromatherapy and the healing attributes, thereby creating a dual treatment. Arnica is known for reducing pain and inflammation and has antibacterial qualities. It is also good externally for arthritis. Be sure not to use gels that have caustic ingredients when doing electrical stimulation. If not sure, the safest bet is to stick with gels specifically made for electrical stimulation.

Adding gel to a pad electrode

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