Book: MicroCurrent for Dogs

A how-to guide for Practitioners & Pet Owners

The goal of MicroCurrent for Dogs is to provide both owners and practitioners with a resource for incorporating therapy tools into the health care of dogs.

MicroCurrent for Dogs is a step-by-step introduction and guide to using unique and effective therapies that can reduce a dog’s recovery time compared to standard veterinary practices. This book explores alternatives to standard pet care practices, covering easy-to-use tools for microcurrent and other therapies. The goal of MicroCurrent for Dogs is to provide both owners and practitioners with a resource for incorporating therapy tools into the health care of dogs. The book is the second in a series by Deborah Powell, author of MicroCurrent for Horses, which was first released in 2008.

MicroCurrent for Dogs was written to share the knowledge of microcurrent and other vital therapies in an accessible format. It provides readers with a guide into the world of alternative pet care using a variety of safe and effective therapy tools. Background information on each therapy is covered for those who are not yet familiar with the benefits and applications of these therapies. There are step-by-step instructions and Quick Guides for how to use different therapy tools and for treating specific conditions, which are beneficial for both the experienced user and those new to using the therapies.

Behind it all is the desire to offer you an opportunity to take your dog’s health into your own hands, to help it stay in prime health, recover from an injury, or maintain/improve a chronic or ongoing condition. Whether for practitioners looking to gain added benefit for their clients, competitors hoping to keep their dog in prime performance condition, or owners wanting to keep their beloved pet feeling its best. This book can be used to help all of these situations and many more. It is for every dog and every lifestyle.

Book Specifications

  • 320 pages, 17 chapters, 7.5×9.75″ Paperback Book
  • Filled with illustrations and photographs, both color and black and white
  • Includes treatment recommendations for 42 dog conditions
  • 52 Treatment and Reference Charts
  • Treatment protocols for microcurrent devices and various electrodes, along with light, infrasound, iontophoresis, needle-free acupuncture, and more.

A How-To Guide for Practitioners and Pet Owners

Covers alternative therapy tools for improved dog health.

  • Practitioners: Protocols and treatment recommendations for recovery, chronic conditions, and more.
  • Dog Owners: Treatments and recommendations for at-home care, physical maintenance, and more, to extend your dog’s healthy years.
  • New & Familiar: Provides valuable information for both experienced therapists and individuals new to using the therapies.
  • Microcurrent Therapy: Low-level electrical stimulation that helps jumpstart the body’s self-healing ability.
  • Light & Infrasound Therapies: Two highly beneficial and easy-to-use therapies that are covered in depth throughout the book.
  • Additional Methods: Massage with microcurrent, needle-free acupuncture, iontophoresis and more.

This book is for every dog and every lifestyle. It covers therapy options for all breeds and ages, acute and chronic conditions, physical maintenance, and injury recovery and rehabilitation. In addition to valuable information for both owners and practitioners, it has information for improved canine health care for breeders, family dogs, and performance and working dogs.

Microcurrent Therapy
Infrasound Therapy
Light Therapy

Highlights of What’s Inside

  • Microcurrent therapy for gentle electrical stimulation, including massage and needle-free acupuncture
  • Treatment options for a wide variety of conditions
  • Economic options for canine health care
  • Easy-to-use, safe, and effective therapies, including microcurrent, light therapy, infrasound, and more
  • Specialty therapies for vet practices

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