Django: First Microcurrent Treatment

Horse: Django, 9-year-old Thoroughbred

Treatment: Microcurrent for Relief and Treatment of Right Side Issues

We have only had Django about a week, and he came to us with some major right side issues. His right shoulder is completely crushed down and it looks like he had previously crashed into something. He is also very tense about his right hip, flank, and rib area.

Since Django is new to Microcurrent, I decided that his first treatment needed to be very inviting and relaxing so I decided to do a basic one-channel Topline Setup. I used the MicroPlus with an electrode on the top of his withers and then another on his Bai Hui. It didn’t take Django long before he started showing signs of relaxation and release, there was a lot of sighing, licking, and chewing going on.

Towards the end of his treatment he gave 4 or 5 very large yawns, so it was evident that even that basic treatment was really giving him quite a bit of relief. Afterwards, I turned him out into the arena and his gait appeared more relaxed and open as opposed to before where he was very reserved and tight in his movement.