Full-Body Balancing Treatment


Whole Body Balancing Treatment with Microcurrent Through the Hands

Protocol: Left Hand first, starting with the outside pinky (See point marked Endocrine System), and treat each point going from left to right in order. Then repeat on the Right Hand. It starts with the thumb (Crown point) going from left to right. Treat each point for 15 seconds until it clears in the associated area. Many will feel this, and others will not. Great to do to yourself or share with others.

Equipment Required: Microcurrent Instrument use (1) Channel with Probe(s) and a return.


Frequency (Hz): 1.3 (or  1-5 Hz range).
Current: Adjust to Comfort
Polarity: Alt (Bi-Phasic)

Set up: Use probe for the Left Hand. For the return electrode, use the right hand to hold a hand mass or metal portion of a probe or apply an electrode to the back side of the right hand. When finished, reverse the electrode setup and repeat.

Choosing a Hand: Your left hand treats acute or recent conditions. Your right-hand treats chronic conditions.